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We began as a simple email newsletter for eCommerce and digital publishing executives. Nearly three years later and 2PM, Inc. is one of the most important sources for news, commentary, and analyses for operators and investors within the retail and media ecosystem. We’re not merely observing the industry, we’re actively involved.

Each letter is manually curated. A host of factors are taken into consideration for each issue: balance, consistency, and quality are at the forefront. But we also drill down on the types of articles that the readers care about the most. The average open rate of a 2PM letter is 42+% with weekly churn at less than half a percent.

2PM currently advises some of the best and brightest brands, marketplaces, agencies, and funds in the space. Some call it “skin in the game”, we call it a passion for what we do.

2PM saves you time by bringing you the most important links, three times per week. But more vital than saved time, our updates give you an edge that thousands of industry insiders have grown to depend on.

We pride ourselves on our consistency, quality, and focus. But that also means that our platform (and newsletter) has to reflect that quality. Look for numerous improvements and our new trademark throughout social media channels, your letters, and our published articles:

The 2PM Mark: designed by Kyle Ruane, Cotton Bureau.

Delivered at two o’clock, three days a week, the send time is inspired by the optimal window (2-4 PM EST) for brands to send a marketing email. 2PM is short for “to polymaths.” A polymath: a student of industry whose expertise spans a number of subject areas. It’s a person with more than just a wide knowledge; a polymath has a depth of knowledge. For 2PM, those areas of interest include: eCommerce, logistics, data science, digital media, advertising, branding, retail real estate, and financial technology. And with every letter that we send, we aim to deepen the knowledge of our readers.

How to get the most out of 2PM

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  6. If you see any new information that should be added to our growing databases, let us know. We will consider it. Our new “Top Retailers” database is the result of a suggestion made by a subscriber. It features revenue figures for hundreds of the top online retailers in America. And it’s easy to navigate.
  7. When we let you know about upcoming subscriber summits, please join us. You won’t be disappointed. Heck, even Paul Munford will be there.
  8. And lastly, provide feedback. 2PM is always looking to improve. I mean, just look at how it started.

Thank you for becoming a subscriber. If you did choose to join the executive membership, we won’t let you down. Your support is a crucial component of our growing offering.

Web Smith, Founder | Meghan Terwilliger, Editor | About 2PM, Inc.


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