What is the difference between the Monday Letter and the Member Briefs?

The Monday Letter is our introductory product and a great way to begin to learn the 2PM ideology. Delivered once a week, subscribers get core news, thoughtful curation, and original analysis.

Member Briefs are super-charged versions of the Monday Letter. They arrive Wednesdays and Fridays. They include exclusive in-depth exclusive essays and access to the complete and growing archive of over 250 essays and 700 newsletter editions.

The Monday Letter Wednesday and Friday Member Briefs
It arrives on Mondays.

The curation is designed to appeal to deep generalists and the intellectually curious.

Upon special circumstance, they will occasionally include an unlocked member brief.

The subject line will begin with a number.

The header graphic will always read “Covering Commerce”

It arrives on Wednesdays and Fridays.

It includes an original long-form essay.

Each includes an original long-form essay.

The subject line will begin with “Member Brief”.

The header graphic will always read “Members Only”

What do I get with a 2PM executive membership?

Executive members are given access to the full 2PM experience, detailed here.

In addition to the free Monday Letters, members receive two briefs on Wednesdays and Fridays. They are often widely shared and always worth your time. We support all of this work through the Executive Membership (our paid subscriber program).

Executive member is our term for a paid or premium subscriber. Our readership includes founders, C-suite level leaders, independent operators, pioneers from a range of creative practices, and individuals committed to strengthening their upsides. As such, the term “subscriber” simply would not do.

Can I share the Wednesday or Friday member brief with a friend?

Our Wednesday and Friday briefs are intended for one subscriber only. That said, many new members find 2PM via recommendation. If you have an interested friend or colleague who might benefit from what we provide, consider your (occasional) forwarding a gift to them.

Can I switch from the 6-month plan to the annual plan?

Yes. Please email web@2pml.com. Upgrading will adjust the monthly fee, and your subscription start date will be reset.

How will the charge show up on my bank statement?


Are their refunds on membership purchase? 

Because of access to the DTC power list we cannot offer refunds on membership access.

How do I manage my account and email access? 


How many people work at 2PM anyway? 

One full-timer and seven contract employees.

How do I handle the cancellation of my membership?

At the bottom of each Executive Member email, you will see your membership administration tab. It is right next to “unsubscribe.” Go there, stop yourself, stay a member.

Group subscriptions

Can I buy a group subscription for my team?

Yes. You can purchase it here.

Group memberships include access for up to 25 people concurrently, all of whom must use the same corporate email domain. They are billed annually.

Can I add new team members to my group subscription?

Yes, as long as your team is under 25 people. (Group subscriptions provide access for up to 25 individuals.) If you’d like to add a new member, the group subscription account holder must email web@2pml.com with the name and email address they’d like added.

Gift subscriptions

Do I have to be a current 2PM member to give a gift membership?


Can I give a membership as a gift?

Yes. A gift membership to 2PM is an investment you can help someone make in themselves. It is a gift without obligation, as they can read as much or as little of each brief as they find valuable. It is our hope they anticipate receiving each one.

We take referrals from our members seriously. As such, we process gift memberships one at a time, ourselves. Please email web@2pml.com to set this up and include: the recipient’s name, email address, select between an annual or 6-month subscription, the day you’d like the membership to begin, and a personal message if you’d like.

On the start date, the new member will receive an email with a link to activate their subscription and your message.

What if the person I want to give a membership to already has one?

If the recipient is already a 2PM member, your gift will be added on to the end of their current term. They will receive an email explaining that their membership has been extended thanks to you.

If I give a gift membership, will I automatically be charged again when it renews?

No. When we process gift memberships, we disable auto-renewal and do not associate your payment details with the gifted membership. When the gift membership expires, the member has the opportunity to extend it with their own payment information. 

What if I don’t know which email address I should use for the recipient?

Use whichever email you’d like. The new member will be able to choose to use whichever email address they’d like as part of the activation process.

2PM Audio

Does 2PM have a podcast?

Yes. Polymathic Audio is a podcast about commerce, tech, culture, and curiosity, hosted by 2PM’s founder Web Smith.  Each episode features a conversation with an industry leader from a range of eclectic disciplines.

Rather than be beholden to an arbitrary cadence, we only record and publish when our guests are available, and when the episode will be worth your time. For that reason, our episodes drop when they drop. The best way to catch them is to subscribe.

They are proudly free to all; Polymathic Audio is one of the open-access products our membership makes possible.

Where can I listen to 2PM’s podcast, Polymathic Audio?

Polymathic Audio is available in Apple Podcasts or to stream on desktop here, hosted by Acast.

How do I subscribe to 2PM’s Polymathic Audio?

You can stream it in Apple Podcasts app by manually adding the RSS feed. It’s very easy to listen and subscribe:

  1. Open the Podcasts app
  2. Tap Library
  3. Tap Edit in the upper right corner
  4. Tap “Add a podcast by URL”
  5. Enter Polymathic Audio’s RSS feed URL
  6. Tap Subscribe

You’ll see 2PM in your library, and new episodes will appear automatically.

Will Polymathic Audio be available on Spotify?

Yes, in the coming weeks.


What is Polymathic anyway?

Polymathic is 2PM’s native forum for senior leaders in media, advertising, and commerce-adjacent industries. Less: banter, emojis, debate. More: deep thought, meaningful connection, clarity.

Why the name Polymathic?

A polymath is a person with wide-ranging knowledge and curiosity. Their expertise is marked not by deep specialization but by unfettered curiosity and drive. It is a self-selecting group. The adage “you learn by teaching” applies.

How can I apply to join?

Membership is by invitation-only. However, you can propose membership by replying to your Member letter.

Who qualifies for Polymathic?

Executive Members must maintain accounts in good standing for at least six months. Access is provided to those who’ve achieved founder-level, C-Suite, or Corporate VP+. Members are leaders in digital media, journalism, branding, commerce, advertising, retail real estate, data science, and adjacent industries. Polymathic is for those who move their industries forward.

How often are new members added?

Whenever it is right for the community. Procedurally, we are in service of Polymathic’s members. We set out to build a dynamic group, fulfilling several important variables of representation, from title and background to industry and craft. That focus hasn’t wavered. Every addition has to fit what exists and move it forward.

What is the membership fee?