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Founder, Editor-in-chief. Launched in December 2015, 2PM launched as a means for his colleagues to stay ahead of industry trends and developments. Prior to founding 2PM, Web spent his career at the intersection of DTC commerce (Mizzen + Main, Rogue) and digital publishing (Gear Patrol, Uncrate). He’s consulted over a dozen DTC brands and publicly traded retailers.

His work is featured at CNBC, AdWeekNew York Times, Fast Company, Pando Daily, Wall Street Journal, and Esquire. He’s written on retail for Forbes, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal. A passion of his, he gives his time to a non-profit that helps women and men find second-chance opportunities. He has a wife, Lindsey, and two great kids in Alexis and Adriana. He’s the fourth best athlete in his house. You can follow him at @Web on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.


Strategist. A 5th generation Texan, Tracey’s business education began at birth and matured over family dinners. Her grandfather started a manufacturing business in 1956, which remains family owned and run today. That business was the backdrop for Tracey’s sustainable bed pillow line, Doris Sleep, which she founded in 2018.

Tracey’s background is in content marketing, SEO, partner marketing, and business development. She is most passionate about connecting the dots across various disciplines to reveal overarching trends that reveal our humanity back to us. She has been honing this craft since age 9, when she began copy editing the pages of Vogue thanks to her new monthly subscription.

Tracey has worked for The Battalion, Texas A&M’s student newspaper where she was dubbed the Aggie Maureen Dowd, NaturallyCurly, since acquired by Essence Magazine, Shoptiques, the first ever fashion brand to graduate from Y-Combinator, BigCommerce, where she grew content organic traffic to more than half a million sessions a month, among others. You can find her work in 2PM, ELLE Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Mashable.

Her work with 2PM is a reflection of polymathic aspirations; she serves as a strategist and writer. Tracey lives in Austin, Texas, with her wife Rachel and fur child Idgy. You can follow her at @TraceWall on Twitter.

Development partner. Andrew Johnson, Cofounder and Creative Director of Rehash.