The newsletter is the core of 2PM Inc: an industry-leading source that analyzes the intersection of media and commerce and how those principles are applied elsewhere.

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Web Smith: Founder, Author, Operator
The newsletter is the core of 2PM Inc: an industry-leading source that analyzes the intersection of media and commerce and how those principles are applied elsewhere.

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Web SmithFounder, Editor-in-Chief

I spend quite a bit of my time focused on local and international missions to include working with Mission of Hope in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. After years of neglecting such work, I spent the last few years working towards the goal of being able to focus on that work as much as I focus on producing 2PM reports each week. A quick summary of my operational experience: I received my first enterprise eCommerce opportunity in 2010 when I was recruited to manage marketing at a then-fledgling DTC equipment company called Rogue. There, I had the fortune of learning from a few legends in direct retail. Following my time there, I co-founded Mizzen + Main ( building alongside a lean but capable team as its Chief Marketing officer. My career took a technical pivot into media when I served as Director of eCommerce at Uncrate and then Gear Patrol, two independent media brands. 2PM has served as a consulting partner to a range of brands, technology companies, and publishers to include: BigCommerce, Newsweek, Verizon Media Group, Rogue, ShipBob, Passport, Loop Returns, Shopify, Rowing Blazers, and ButcherBox. 2PM's publishing work couldn't be done without the part-time work of Andrew Johnson, Andrew Haynes, Hilary Milnes, Christina Williams, and Haitian intern Vadson Goliath. Our work has been featured in CNBC, AdWeek, New York Times, Morning Brew, The Hustle, Digiday, Fast Company, Product Hunt, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Esquire. And I am proud to say that over 10% of 2PM's annual revenue is earmarked to help women and men secure second-chance employment opportunity. You can follow me at @Web on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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