2PM is a curated letter with quick commentary on brands, data, and eCommerce. It’s designed for the polymath and it’s been delivered at 2 P.M. for nearly two years and 250+ issues.

JRJCVoH1_400x400It was founded in 2016 by me, Web Smith. I am currently the Head of Partnerships at Cotton Bureau where I establish commerce relationships with creators and media organizations like VaynerMedia and MKBHD. I have a wife, Lindsey, and two great kids in Alexis and Adriana. I am the fourth best athlete in my house.

Formerly, I led eCommerce operations for Gear Patrol. There, I worked to bridge media and commerce with partnerships formed with the likes of top men’s brands. I was also responsible for launching the ‘Patrol’ vertical brand for the men’s lifestyle site. That was cool.

Prior to Gear Patrol, I failed a few times. Ouch. And before that, I was the founding Chief Marketing Officer of a startup called Mizzen+Main. There, I worked extensively to find a founder-product-market fit, voice, and cost-effective approach to establishing Mizzen+Main in a competitive space to include Ministry, Theory, and others. I got my start in eCommerce by handling digital marketing for Rogue. There I learned from a few of the best in the business.

I’ve been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Pando Daily, Wall Street Journal, and Esquire. I’ve written on retail for Forbes, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal. I’ve consulted over a dozen digitally native vertical brands (DNVB’s) and a handful of publicly-traded retailers.

You can follow me at @Web on Twitter. Or connect on LinkedIn

IMG_0672Meghan Terwilliger comes to 2PM from a traditional agency career at GSW, an advertising agency with clients like Eli Lilly, Stryker, and Johnson & Johnson.

Combining her passion for digital marketing and her knack for process, Meghan now consults with small agencies, helping them to scale their abilities to create content and produce client work.

One of her most recent consulting clients includes Prestige Pro Media, a digital marketing agency that appears on 2PM’s Notable Agency database. Their client list includes Logan Paul’s “Maverick” brand. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Matt and her one year old son Micah. Micah is already 6’1″.

You can follow her at @Simons_said. Or connect on LinkedIn