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January 10, 2018: Apple Music now has 30 million subscribers and is predicted to only increase thanks to even more exclusive content initiatives. Iovine believes exclusivity is the way forward for Apple Music. He draws parallels with Netflix and HBO who have $6 billion and $3 billion in exclusive content, respectively. It is this original content which he puts down to their success. Apple Music has almost no exclusive content, and all the major streaming services are essentially the same. (Read more


September 2, 2016: Apple on the other hand, is buying the rights to music and exclusive releases. In essence, rather than reselling a vendor’s product for a 7% margin, they’ve acquired the brands and reaped much higher (and sustainable) margins. Apple’s model of negotiating with artists for exclusive rights is one step closer to Apple owning the machine. Universal and Sony could one day go the way of record stores. (Read more)