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Polymathic Forum

A gathering place
for today's leaders

A native forum and community of senior leaders in media, advertising, and commerce-adjacent industries. Polymathic is a community designed to encourage polite discourse, business development, mentorship, and peer-to-peer advisory.

A Leadership Forum

Members will be partitioned into private forums of 5-7 leaders. These selected pairings will serve as session-long peer groups designed to help foster confidential counsel between peers. More information to come.

A Trusted Source of Data

Members have access to a daily download of publicly traded industry data, curated news, and consumer sentiment delivered by an industry-leading editor. It's delivered each morning, directly to the forum.

A Noise-free Environment

A confidential space inhabited by busy leaders and operators, Polymathic is designed to keep banter at a minimum and high-level, developed thought at the forefront of each topic.

Exclusive Media

The monthly audio project will feature a class-like approach where 2PM discusses a range of topics with one of your peers across a host of disciplines. These multi-talented individuals explore how their broad educations, varied skill sets, and intellectual curiosities prepared them for the "zero to one" and beyond. It's practical, unfiltered, and real.

Available Each Day

Our retail index summarizes the news of the day and keeps you abreast of notable developments across publicly-traded and privately-held companies. It's a go-to tool for insights that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Executive Membership is the path to Polymathic

Executive Members must maintain accounts in good standing for at least six months. Access is provided to those who've achieved founder-level, C-Suite, or Corporate VP+. Members are leaders in digital media, journalism, branding, commerce, advertising, retail real estate, data science, and adjacent industries. Polymathic is for those who move their industries forward.

There is a yearly membership cost of $999 USD