Member Brief: Quibi and VC-Subsidized Media

But like Verishop’s attempt to appeal to millennial buyers, it remains to be seen if Quibi can unlock the code. The founding team is a careful cross section of executives in and around software development and entertainment circles. To Quibi, this is supposed to communicate a synergy between Silicon Valley and Hollywood. But it’s unclear if any of them understand the market they’re hoping to disrupt. For now, the draw is the technology.

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Member Brief: Disney+ and Antitrust

Disney+ gained a reported ten million subscribers on its launch day. According to projections, The Walt Disney Company expects to earn the business of 50 – 80 million additional subscribers by the end of 2024. Netflix currently maintains 60.6 million U.S. subscribers. Hulu has 28.5 million, HBO has 34 million, and ESPN+ (another Disney property) has 3.5 million. These numbers are relevant but the story is deeper. Disney+ requires a critical mass to accomplish what executives set out to achieve through streaming distribution. This report explains.

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