Member Brief No. 9: The New Retargeting

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Senator Lindsey Graham peered over to Zuckerberg and asked if Facebook held a “monopoly” on the social networking market, to which Zuckerberg replied, “It certainly doesn’t feel like that to me.” But no, Facebook does not have a direct competitor. And for agencies and brands, there are implications to consider.

What would the regulation of Facebook look like?

Look no further than Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) set to go into effect on May 25, 2018

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Member Brief No. 3: The Attention Stack

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Successful commerce companies and vertical brands want to know how to generate authentic happiness with their customers. A customer kept > a customer gained. The attention stack is a buzz phrase that you’ll hear quite a bit about as brands try to solidify their standing in a quickly evolving market.

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Issue No. 153: Media brings sophistication to eCommerce

Graph of the week: Netflix v. Cable


With Ben Thompson’s rationale (linked above) as context, here is a visual of Netflix’s position in the evolving market of cable-based subscriber services versus the ramping up of the villainous, millennial “cord cutter.”

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