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Understand developments in branding, commerce, data, and media. Observe the many ways that they intersect and compound each industry’s advantages or disadvantages. You will gain a strategic advantage. 2PM executive membership sends actionable intelligence to you and your colleagues; we diligently cover the developments that will shape the present and future of how we consume.

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If you can afford to get it out of the way, the yearly subscription will save you 33% while providing you the peace of mind for a year. The yearly subscription is $120 and it provides you digestible analyses, commentary, and the most relevant news in commerce, brand, media, and data. In addition, executive members have access to a growing set of tools on

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The monthly subscription is $15/mo and it provides you digestible analyses, commentary, and the most relevant news in commerce, brand, media, and data. In addition, executive members have access to a growing set of tools on

A recent 2PM Executive Member Roundtable (Soho, NYC)

Engagement over everything. Industry insiders rely on 2PM, Inc.’s briefs, reports, and databases. The power of the 2PM community isn’t in its width, it’s in its depth.

From retail-focused venture investors to DNVB CEOs, senior management, and digital agency heads: 2PM, Inc. is a go-to source of information, context, and forward thinking. One publicly-traded retail CEO called it “an unfair advantage.”


2PM is a twice-weekly glimpse in to the trends and brands capturing the minds of the industry’s most connected insiders. Plus, all content gets Web’s invaluable filter and commentary, saving you time while keeping your leg up. If you aren’t reading this, your competitors are – and they are making moves because of it.

Tracey Wallace, Editor-in-Chief of BigCommerce and 2PM executive member

2PM is my go-to source for e-commerce news. Web’s edit is dialed. The compression of time creates value – this newsletter is my efficient method to stay up-to-date on trends and competition. The outcome is less time surfing the internet and scrolling twitter and more time for building businesses and #DoingThings.

Andrew Parietti, President of Outdoor Voices and 2PM executive member

I tell everyone to sign up because 2PM’s value is so high that I feel guilty reading it alone.

Jon Jackson, Cofounder of Blavity and 2PM executive member

2PM is my go to source every day for the most relevant and timely developments in brand side eCommerce along with understanding adjacent industries and how they all interact. Whether it is unique insight into DNVB’s, analysis on the latest moves by industry giants, or the latest changes in traditional or digital advertising, 2PM covers it. It saves me hours of combing through dozens of sources and allows me to just get at what’s most important. There are few things more important than saving me time to get the right things done.

Kevin Lavelle, Founder / CEO of Mizzen + Main and 2PM executive member

I’m trying to figure out what secret version of Google Web has access to, because 2PM is always filled with links and commentary that I don’t see anywhere else. As a result, the info he delivers into commerce and tech aren’t the same hot takes but instead cutting edge insights to where this industry is going, not where it’s been.

Hunter Walk, General Partner at Homebrew and 2PM executive member

2PM is one of the few places I can get an objective view of retail, brands, eCommerce and the technology driving the intersection of all three. Web’s also got a unique POV, as he sits in the heartland of America – not in Silicon Valley or NY – which is immensely important when trying to nail down trends for the mass market consumer.

Jeff Richards, Managing Partner of GGV Capital and 2PM executive member

At a time when investors are still thumbing their noses at commerce, and in a space where most folks still think e-commerce is code for “Amazon,” Web’s showing us that there’s far more to the story than what Bezos is or isn’t doing each week. It’s rare to come across smart people who get this — let alone a source like 2PM that truly helps to make sense of what’s going on with today’s new generation of brands, and what that all means for commerce and retail in general.

There are few newsletters devoted to this space that I trust (and look forward to getting) more that 2PM — and this is coming from someone who makes a living scouring the web, and chatting with sources, for the information that Web is serving up every week. It’s pretty simple: If you want to keep up with what’s (actually) happening in commerce today, 2PM is where you need to be.

M. Paul Munford, Founder of Lean Luxe and 2PM executive member

There are plenty of newsletters, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc that will tell me what news to read, but few give me the context for how to read today’s news. 2PM gives me the context, clues, and perspective to make sense of what’s going on.

Noah Chestnut, Product at Bleacher Report and 2PM executive member

2PM is one of commerce’s best kept secrets. Must read!

Tristan Walker, Founder / CEO of Walker & Company and 2PM executive member

I admittedly subscribe to an absurd number of newsletters. 2PM is consistently some of the most insightful and useful I receive. In my case I don’t just open it 100% of the time, I actually make the time to read it and that is not the case for most of my other subscriptions.

Matt Whiffen, Senior Marketing at Amazon and 2PM executive member

Their hard work absolutely pays off. 2PM, Inc. has built a fantastic resource and a must-open newsletter at the time where it’s unbelievably hard to build a media business – much less an intelligent, astute and timely business resource. Amazing job.

Ana Andjelic, former Chief of Branding at Rebecca Minkoff and 2PM executive member


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