Polymathic Audio No. 12: Grace Garcia Clarke


Grace Clarke is an enigma. She’s someone who should be known for the depth and power of her ideas but – at least thus far – she chooses to fly under the radar. I often tell people that she’s one of the smartest people that I know – even if she doesn’t agree with me. Our first introduction was in the Lean Luxe slack room in December 2019 where she and I wrestled on the merits of the Peloton advertisement that set the internet ablaze. I was sure that we’d never recover from that argument. Fortunately, I was very wrong.

In a recent essay on deep thinkers and wonderful ideas-turned careers, I wrote on Clarke:

Formerly an operative at Derris, she’s now independent and highly coveted. Brands tap her for communications, industry research, and her eye for understanding what stodgy businessmen do not. An example of this is her well-researched product rundown for New York Magazine’s The Strategist where she wrangled the opinions of dozens of Generation Z TikTok users to publish one of the publication’s best converting articles. [1]

She’s a former operative at Derris PR where she built the profitable content practice from the ground up. Not only did she thrive on the agency side, she was formerly a marketer at Madewell and a journalist – first in print and then on the digital side for Conde Nast. Her experience is broad. In practice – she is the essence of the study of linear commerce. This is why many in the digital spaces are beginning to view her as a go-to thinker. And I am convinced that one day soon, she will become one of the preeminent consulting partners for progressive Fortune 500 companies on best practices in new media and digital commerce.

Hailing from the Midwest but a city girl at heart, I am proud to call her a friend and a colleague. And you will be, as well. Get to know Grace.

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AUDIO BY Grace Garcia Clarke AND WEB SMITH 
AUDIO DESIGN by Vincenzo Landino

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