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Over the past few weeks, 2PM has designed, developed, and implemented a new way for you to keep track of our most critical briefs and memos. Today, we are launching the first stage of The Study, a central location for evergreen essays and the concepts that can help operators move their industries forward.

We’ve long had two archives: the Weekly Report Archive and Member Briefs. But chronological order is not the best format for identifying concepts, common threads, and shared principles. As such, we’ve designed a place for many of 2PM’s thoughts, concepts, laws, and theses to call home. Each category row can infinitely scroll from left to right. We can also add as many rows as possible.

The first categories include: The Law of Linear Commerce, Bifurcation and New Luxury, Malls and Over-Retail, H.E.N.R.Y and Brand Sociology, Digitally Native Brands, the DTC-Fication of Economies, The New Infrastructure, and Audiences and Communities. Each section features a summary of the category’s scope. Each essay features a short summary to pique reader interest. Over the coming months, we plan on standardizing each of the featured essays with new graphics and styling – all while maintaining their original thoughts. And of course, we will be adding new and relevant categories.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.09.16 PM
2PM’s category design process.

We consider this to be the first of many functional improvements to 2PM. While existing members will never pay a dime more, we will be sunsetting the option for monthly subscription in the coming weeks. The cost of the Yearly Membership will increase, as well. Beginning September 1, the annual commitment for new Executive Members will be $200. Existing Members (and those who join before September 1) will never see an increase in their pricing.

The best part is that, like each of the quarterly developments to 2PM, The Study was fully funded by 2PM’s members. As a bootstrapped media company, these forward-looking investments are both necessary and extremely risky. As the 2PM platform, databases, and the thrice-weekly newsletters continue to evolve for more effective use, please understand that it couldn’t be done without you.

The Study

You can find this content library on each menu tab and the footer. The site is accessible to all readers, however member briefs are noted with a lock symbol. Full site access is available with an Executive Membership. Over ten days of coordination and a few late nights, this new format was built with a small team of folks from 2PM’s Polymathic community: 2PM’s Andrew Johnson, Andrew Haynes, and Grace Garcia Clarke. We hope that you find The Study worth your time.

By Web Smith

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