Member Brief: Quibi and VC-Subsidized Media

But like Verishop’s attempt to appeal to millennial buyers, it remains to be seen if Quibi can unlock the code. The founding team is a careful cross section of executives in and around software development and entertainment circles. To Quibi, this is supposed to communicate a synergy between Silicon Valley and Hollywood. But it’s unclear if any of them understand the market they’re hoping to disrupt. For now, the draw is the technology.

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Member Brief: SMS and The New Chaos

The disruption felt like the violent recoil of heavy artillery after a feather’s landing on the trigger. There was collateral damage on both sides of the barrel. The music industry was unprepared for a disruption that would cannibalize the physical retail of music. And Napster was unprepared for the litigation that would come. Chaos was created, whether intentional or not.

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