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Wednesday Brief

Delivered weekly to your inbox, filled with the latest developments across media, commerce, brand, and data.

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Delivered weekly to your inbox, with up-to-date news and access to a members-only weekly report.

The DNVB Power List

Access to an emerging database of digitally native vertical brands, DTC products, and consumer packaged goods.

Updating Industry Databases

Access to databases of eCommerce agencies, notable independent digital publishers, and biggest movers in merchandising.

DTC Health Index

Access to an updating database of the most notable in digitally native healthcare providers.

Recognized Retailer Lists

Access to 2018’s 'Top 1,000 Online Retailers', 'Top 50 in Fashion', and the largest online luxury retailers.

Connection and Community

Invitations to Executive Member-only roundtable dinners. They are limited, enjoyable, and productive. Imagine 20-25 Director to C-Suite colleagues around a Soho, LA, Chicago, Columbus, or San Francisco dinner table.

Member Research

Growing access to 1:1 comparisons of the competitors that lead their respective industries.