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Join top executives in retail, media, brand marketing, data science, and creative arts. Members receive thrice weekly briefs, an additional weekly report, and access to a growing number of tools and databases. With 2PM, Executive Members move their industries forward.

The Executive Membership is designed to be accessible. With over 100 weekly reports and nearly 400 weekly letters, 2PM has established a clear quality and expectation. For more information, read the Terms of Service below.

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Executive Members move their industries forward.

What You Get

The access grows; the price never changes.

Wednesday and Friday Industry Summaries

Delivered each week on Wednesday and Friday. This edition is tailored for executive members and sent to your inbox. It's filled with the latest developments across media, commerce, brand, and data.

The DTC Power List

The premier database for digitally native vertical brands and their key statistics. The Power List is now-automated with up-to-date employment figures. You can use this feature to track brands, identify potential employers, or as a data point for competitive research.

The Marketplace Power List

This is the age of the online marketplace. Study the top 100 marketplaces (updated for 2020) and plan your strategies using this new information.

Specialty Databases

Access to a useful set indexes to include: Top Reporters, DTC Health, Mall Real Estate, The Shipping Index, The Agency Database, Merchandiser Index, Top Independent Publishers, and The Luxe Index.

Connection and Community

Invitations to Executive Member-only roundtable dinners, events, and virtual conferences are included in membership. They are limited and productive. Each event is limited, welcoming, and worthwhile. 2PM's latest events have been held in: NYC, LA, Chicago, Columbus, Austin, Miami, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Polymathic Data

Yearly Executive Members have access to daily industry updates and the Polymathic Audio Project. With over 120+ reports and a growing number of audio features from leaders of their industries, this archive is worth the price of admission.

Member Briefs

A growing library of 100+ well-researched briefs spanning topics like media, brand, data, eCommerce, real estate, sociology, and consumer psychology.

The Path to Polymathic

Executive Members of senior rank or position are invited to Polymathic in quarterly batches. Theses Executive Members have been subscribed for over six months and they hold senior titles and / or corporate responsibility. Polymathic is the future of industry learning and collaboration.