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Jaime Schmidt

2PM has proven time and again as predictive of the retail and media landscapes, and their ramifications on commerce and consumer behavior. Best of all is its cultivation of community and linear relationships with its audience alongside practical data-driven exercises.

Jaime Schmidt

Founder of Supermaker, Schmidt's Naturals, and Color Invests

Jeff Richards

2PM is one of the few places I can get an objective view of retail, brands, eCommerce and the technology driving the intersection of all three. Web’s also got a unique POV, as he sits in the heartland of America – not in Silicon Valley or NY – which is immensely important when trying to nail down trends for the mass market consumer.

Jeff Richards

Managing Partner of GVV Captial

Jill Carlson

With incisive writing and cutting wit, 2PM is my reliable witness for what is happening in the world, from macroeconomics to micro insights into individual retail brands. 2PM is truly a bridge: speaking to Boomers and Gen Z alike, and cultivating authentic community in unexpected ways and places. 2PM has been a source of insight, deal flow, and important relationships for me.

Jill Carlson

Co-Founder, Open Money Initiative and Principal at Slow Ventures

Jesse Genet

2PM is the only consistently excellent resource for well researched content about the future of retail.

Jesse Genet

Founder and CEO of Lumi

Kevin Lavelle

2PM is my go to source every day for the most relevant and timely developments in brand side eCommerce along with understanding adjacent industries and how they all interact. Whether it is unique insight into DNVB’s, analysis on the latest moves by industry giants, or the latest changes in traditional or digital advertising, 2PM covers it. It saves me hours of combing through dozens of sources and allows me to just get at what’s most important. There are few things more important than saving me time to get the right things done.

Kevin Lavelle

Executive Chairman of Mizzen + Main

Tristan Walker

2PM is one of commerce’s best kept secrets. It's without a doubt a must read.

Tristan Walker

Founder and CEO of Walker & Company (P&G)

Jen Rubio

2PM brings thorough insight in a way that can only be delivered by someone who really gets the nuances of what they're talking about, which makes other takes feel woefully out of touch. 2PM is THE source of what's relevant.

Jen Rubio

Co-Founder and Chief of Brand at Away