Just a mockup of 2PM merch but come on, we are way better than this.

It is my belief that many of the best and brightest in commerce, media, data, branding, and logistics exist within the 2PM community. This includes leaders of IPO’ing digitally native brands and unicorn marketplaces, CEOs of the best branding agencies, media executives, and even the data scientists who lead efforts in consumer retail-driven AI and digital advertising. What does it look like when 2PM comes to life through merchandising and collaboration? That’s the question that this group will answer.

This project is intended to be enjoyable, collaborative, and bridge-building for all who are involved. A successful product roll out would be a welcomed bonus. For those of you who’ve attended our Executive Member Roundtables, you know that providing opportunity to build and collaborate is a defining characteristic of the 2PM community.

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