Member Brief: Shopify Corp Dev and Yotpo

The online retail industry is near its all-time peak according to Q1 census data and on-site reviews and user generated content (UGC) are of the most visible forms of social proof available to  many online retailers. This makes Shopify and Yotpo a match made in SKU heaven. Shopify has invested $30 million investment into Yotpo makes that clear. According to The Times of Israel:

Shopify merchants will be able to tap into “five cutting-edge products” developed by Yotpo, said [CEO Tomer] Tagrin, including SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals programs, reviews and ratings features, and a tool that displays customer photos and videos across the buyer journey.

The matchup underscores the power that marketing has at a time when it’s more difficult than ever for merchants to distinguish themselves.

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