Member Brief: The Second eCommerce Wave

Studying retail behaviors is an amalgam of academic subjects. To understand the opportunity ahead requires a measure of one’s understanding of sociology, technology, economics, psychology, and a little bit of history. Together, the data points to an immediate and upward trajectory for eCommerce.

It’s going to be another fall and winter season of heightened eCommerce activity. If you follow technology press, the punditry would suggest otherwise. In a recent Op-Ed for Bloomberg, Tae Kim writes: “Amazon may be facing headwinds from a slowdown in the entire e-commerce category, which faces tough comparisons from the peak pandemic months last year.” The well-written piece highlights the “post-pandemic blues” by including rapidly declining eCommerce numbers. According to Kim, Bank of America’s aggregated card spend data shows a March to May crash in year-over-year online retail growth from 60% to 1%. But this doesn’t nearly tell the whole story. This slowing growth in eCommerce is temporary.

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