Member Practical: A Digital Supply Chain


There’s a new way to view a brand’s investment in media operations.

Every brand should have a digital supply chain or a set of components that, when properly constructed, equip a retail business with an important class of end products: content, first-party data, digital products, and community. 

There’s a small minority of brands that have a venture-backed war chest or a Kardashian-Jenner sister atop the sales funnel. For those few, conversion rate optimization is the game by improving the landing page, shorting image load times, A/B testing, tuning headless commerce modules, and properly capturing social proof through on-site user generated content (UGC).

But the vast majority of retailers lack the attached celebrity, the demand, the advertising budget, or the excess capital to spend on conversion rate optimization, landing page engineering, or micro-influencer operations. For them, the digital supply chain is essential.

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