Member Brief: Shopify’s Zero Visibility Bet


Shopify climbed to new heights during the pandemic. Whether it stays there will depend on how the company navigates the end of the pandemic.

When snowboarding, there is a pivotal moment when you approach the end of normal powder and enter the beginning of something more rigorous and less predictable. Backcountry snowboarding can be one of the most dangerous extracurricular activities. Those of us who’ve ever tumbled down the side of a mountain share a few common traits: a lack of anticipation, a lack of required skill, a lack of vision, and a lack of flexibility.

Shopify is the snowboarder flying through a cloud of powder. But as industry forces shift, the pandemic ends, and Alibaba’s eCommerce strategy influences its American counterparts, there is reason for Shopify to be concerned. The preparedness and market forces that brought Shopify to new heights may end up its greatest obstacle. The eCommerce company will require extraordinary skill, vision, and flexibility to maneuver through what comes next.

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