Member Brief: The Mechanics of Belief

2PM - Mechanics of Belief

Montero Hill was sitting in a college math class when he had a thoughtful idea. A soft-spoken class clown with an influential Twitter following, the 19-year-old was in an unenviable position. He didn’t love his college experience. His social life at the University of West Georgia was lacking. A strong student, Hill’s grades fell below his own expectations. And fearful of the work that it would take to recover, he didn’t want to go home to the Bankhead Court housing projects. It was there where he lived with his mother since her split from Hill’s father. Montero’s solution was unique in a way. Away from his day job at Zaxby’s, a fast casual restaurant in Suburban Atlanta, he began the informal study of music production. It was common for him to publish a song every other day. Within three months of this practice, he would complete and publish a short song with some serious potential. Columbia student Jeremy Giffon on Hill:

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