Member Brief: Light-Shipping and “Now”

The year is 2021 and you’re looking at a display advertisement on your favorite lifestyle site. You shift away because you have an unforeseen bill to pay but then your eye catches the product again. The wearable on your right wrist senses a subtle rise in your heart rate. Your heart rate variability indicates an uptick in stress levels. Confirmed, but it’s not enough. You look back one last time and the site collects the one trillion points of data that it requires in that 1.4 seconds of “glance time.”

You want the product, your eyes even suggested the color that you preferred. Your “buy profile” has your size and location on record. You move on to that next article in Mr. Porter, one of the first platforms that adopted this partnership with Amazon. And within an hour, Amazon has the exact SKU at your door.

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