Member Brief No. 7: Phil’s Dress Shirt

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So who wins in the world of micro brands?  This was a question posed by Scott Belsky in his recent article on digitally vertical native brands – Attack of the Micro Brands.

I think this mass of micro brands with massively efficient marketing are, in aggregate, having a much bigger impact than anyone thinks. Using hyper-targeted marketing, just-in-time manufacturing, and social media, these brands find and engage their audience wherever they may be. Of course, small brands are nothing new, but they typically remained small companies. Now I’m hearing about more and more of these brands with tiny teams generating over $10M in sales, with higher-than-normal-retail profit margins. 

Featured atop of Monday’s letter and read by 20+% of openers, the article generated quite a few submitted questions. The most important of which I felt I’d answer here:

How does a micro-brand become a household name?

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