Audio polimático nº 3: Gary Vaynerchuk

Ten years ago, Vaynerchuk was packing boxes in a New Jersey warehouse. Today, that blue collar mentality and grit remains while the scope of the job has grown. Move past the personal brand of Gary Vaynerchuk and what you’ll find, beyond the braggadocio and personal brand, is an operator of one of the most diversified and impressive holding companies in the United States.

I know how to win arbitrages.

When I started the Polymathic Audio Project, I set out to find modern examples of polymathic thinkers. By the time that you’re done with episode, you’ll view Vaynerchuk through a different lens. He’s accomplished more than most; the architecture of his business holdings suggests that the upstart has yet to be realized.

VaynerX holdings features the following operations:

VaynerMedia: a full service digital agency that services Fortune 500 clients. Reportedly profitable, Vaynerchuk mentioned that the agency earned over $200 million in 2019.

Tracer: a data platform for marketing efficiency. The early platform has managed over $750 million in marketing across 50 global brands.

Gallery Media Group: a portfolio of media brands to include PureWow, Blink, 137pm, Mom Brain, The CMO Podcast, and Fashionista.

Sasha Group: a marketing and consulting firm for small businesses generating $1M and $100M in revenue.

VaynerProductions: a production and animation lab that focuses on storytelling and impacting culture.

VaynerSpeakers: a speakers bureau built to facilitate modern event planning. The bureau consults organizations and provide speakers of range and impact. Speakers include Dominique Dawes, Sarah Kunst, Ryan Holiday, Andrew Brandt, and Amy Landino.

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 7.11.45 PM
A brand machine: PureWow provides validity to his DTC brand.

In addition to these VaynerX properties, Vaynerchuk runs the following operations:

Green Street: a full service creative agency agency dedicated to cannabis brands.

WineText: an eCommerce cart that optimizes for frictionless payments through SMS.

Sin título

eCommerce types don’t talk enough about how @garyvee hacked friction-less purchases with @winetexts. 1/ sign up, add payment information2/ opt in to receive inventory texts 3/ reply to the text with # of bottles4/ confirmation sent seconds later

Empathy Wines: a DTC brand that features affordable wines of top quality.

VaynerSports: a full service athlete representation agency that commits to guiding players though issues on the field and off.

Related Companies: is a partner to VaynerX. Miami Dolphins and real estate tycoon Stephen Ross maintains a personal interest in Vayner properties.

Minnesota RØKKR: co-owner of the eSports team alongside the Minnesota Vikings owners, the Wilf family.

Wine Library: where it all started. Vaynerchuk’s first big moment came when he was handed the keys to his father’s liquor store. He took it from offline to online in an effort that grew the company from $3 million to $65 million in annual sales.

And though that may be more than enough for one professional, that’s not all. Gary’s work and personal brand have placed him at an interesting spot. He’s one of the most influential business people in hip hop. He’s trusted by many up and coming rappers thanks to his longtime partnership with manager and promoter Mike Boyd.  The New York Times recently featured this side of Vaynerchuk.

This is only the beginning, according to Vaynerchuk, who hosted a Budweiser-sponsored Super Bowl party this year featuring entertainment from Grizzley, Keed and YG. (Lil Keed, Vaynerchuk said, almost made an appearance in a Mr. Peanut Super Bowl commercial that featured Alex Rodriguez, but it wasn’t to be.) [1]

What struck me most about this conversation with Vaynerchuk is just how badly his mind is needed in consumer goods and direct to consumer retail. He’s a legitimate veteran in eCommerce. He understands the principles of linear commerce [2]. His patience is long and his understanding of business leverage is unparalleled. I’m convinced that at some point, 2PM Inc. and VaynerX will partner to help facilitate the growth of direct brands. I’m not sure that even Vaynerchuk realizes that he’s built a corporate promotional machine that could survive without his personal branding efforts.

Vaynerchuk is a polymathic thinker by definition. Unconventional, curious, and skilled, he’s built an empire that’s valued well into the hundreds of millions. But rather than start with his beginning, we start with his end game: buying the NFL’s New York Jets. It’s a goal that he’s publicly championed for over a decade. For the longest time, onlookers scoffed at the idea. It’s clear that he has a path to achieving that end game. No. 3 of Polymathic Audio is 54 minutes that will impact the way that you think. And it may influence what you do next.

Notice: this podcast contains explicit language. Parental guidance is strongly suggested. 


Ep. 003: Gary Vaynerchuk

Ep. 003: Gary Vaynerchuk


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