Member Brief: Circular Fashion and DTC

As a child, my family walked the aisles of Goodwill out of necessity. I rocked $3 T-shirts with pride. Today, I could have probably sold a few of the same pieces for 30 times the price that I purchased them. There is a quote from The Status Revolution that applies to the reCommerce boom.

Member Brief: How Meta Wins After All

For once in our months-long coverage of the changing advertising landscape, there is momentum on the side of Meta’s resurgence in the advertising space. With political pressure to reduce TikTok’s influence over American consumers, the door is open for Meta to recover the attention market that it lost.

Member Brief: Etsy, Ebay, and Off-Site Advertising

Heavily influenced by the omni-channel evolution, retail media is entering its 2.0 phase. New marketplace entrants are gaining steam and retailers are re-prioritizing, shifting priorities towards clawing share away from Meta and Google. The arbitrage opportunity for platforms and brands is shifting into its second or third gear, depending on who you ask.

Member Brief: The Disruption-Proof Retail CEO

Three out of four retail CEOs claim that their companies are facing a “high amount of disruption.” Of those, 72% believe that their executive teams lack the agility to mitigate the displacement of business, markets, and value networks. Even worse, 85% of these CEOs don’t know where to begin.

Member Brief: The Euro DTCs Invade

These are eight direct-to-consumer running brands you may not have heard of; Nike and the rest are on notice that the rightful heirs of the running revolution are coming to America. Read “rightful heirs” as the fundamental pioneers of the sport before it was marketed to America, via a well-read work called “Jogging.”

Member Brief: How Netflix Took It To Old Hollywood

Streaming took over Hollywood. Will it win best picture, too? This was the question asked in a March 2022 New York Times article on the streaming industry’s rise to dominance. The report had an interesting line that I wanted to revisit, nearly a year later: “Television and film have been merging for years, but lines…

Member Brief: The Rise of DTC 4.0

DTC 4.0 will be marked by the importance of first-party data and optimization of acquisition costs. And the physical store is once again a wise investment for both. DTC 4.0 might as well not even be called DTC. The title is a misnomer – or at least it is in the way that DTC was…

Member Brief: A Curation of Forecasts (2023)

There’s always the choice between locking back or peering forward. For 2023, we broke off the rearview and de-iced the windshield because this curation of forecasts by top banking institutions may help manage the numerous macroeconomic influences that lie ahead for retail, advertising, logistics, real estate, and eCommerce.

Member Brief: Free Speech and Elon Musk

Chaos has descended upon Twitter at the hands of its unpredictable leader, Elon Musk. As the events unfold in real time – as of Friday afternoon, the tweets are still coming – it’s a missed opportunity as much as anything else. Let’s recap what has happened.

Member Brief: 40% Off Everything

A 40-year old mall retailer and an investment vehicle for troubled companies are teaming up, but there’s more to the positive spin and shareholders’ support upon further look. Columbus, Ohio-based Express will accept a cash infusion of $260 million, an investment from holding group WHP Global, which also has ownership or part ownership of Toys…

Member Brief: The Subscription Box Crash

Subscription boxes are essentially products built on the principles of marketing arbitrage: you set a price, you buy a customer, and you count on the lifetime value of the customer exceeding the cost of that acquisition. Many brands that pursued this model raised loads of capital, front-loaded costs, and hoped to achieve profitability at scale…

Member Brief: Musk v. Apple Inc.

There isn’t a bigger gatekeeper than Apple. And while Meta, Snapchat, Epic Games, and even TikTok have begun to learn that the hard way (thanks to ATT’s implementation), Twitter’s impending battle with Apple may be its fiercest. Twitter’s new CEO plays by few rules.


Widely considered one of the forefathers of eCommerce, here’s a recent quote by Jeff Bezos: “Don’t buy a fridge, hold on to your money.” So to spend or not to spend? This is the question this holiday season. As the United States teeters on recession, overall holiday sales are expected to lag last year’s growth,…

Member Brief: At Meta’s Expense

Think of this visually for a moment. The (content) fortress is growing mightier by the month; its walls higher and its moats wider. The taxes on the kingdoms surrounding the fortress are rising as well. That fortress is Apple, and the kingdoms surrounding it are Meta, Twitter, Snapchat and all else with the exception of, perhaps,…

Member Brief: The Trend of DTC Brand Acquisitions

Part IV: A lot has happened since the report that led with this image of soccer icon Megan Rapinoe, her corporate involvement, and her role in helping bring VS back to relevance. For years, there was no easier target than Victoria’s Secret. Now, Adore Me is a Victoria’s Secret subsidiary.

Member Brief: Meta’s Last Stand

This one hit close to home. My younger brother received his confirmation email at 9:02 AM from Meta’s Leadership Team. The role is everything he’d ever hoped for and more. And like many Americans, his income is the basis of his survival, especially during a time that inflation stands at a 40 year high.

Member Brief: Temu and “The Five-Year Plan”

There has been a slow dismantling of the energy behind the American direct-to-consumer movement. So what does direct-to-consumer mean now? It may come to mean “direct from factory.” More and more, we will begin to see the term move away from the modern startup brands that previously defined an era of retail.

Member Brief: Win At Netflix

The Netflix J-Curve is in full effect and it may serve as a leading indicator for adjacent digital industries. From April 2020: The recent shift to online retail has been reactionary. The next phase of eCommerce growth will be more intentional. But first, the bottom of the J-curve.

Member Brief: Inventory Glut(tony)

Jie Zhang, the professor of marketing at University of Maryland’s School of Business recently explained two key factors that contribute to the current inventory glut facing many retailers. These factors have combined to reduce shipping prices and increase inventories in warehouses as retailers like Nike have invested heavily in reducing exposure to physical retail.

Member Short: The Instacart Necessity

The Instacart OS is less of an ideal now and more of a necessity. In September, Instacart rolled out a suite of new technologies on the heels of two acquisitions that underscored where the company would be investing for the future: omnichannel retail. It wants to be the Shopify of grocery, and CEO Fidji Simo…

Member Brief: Liquid Death Wins

The old adage goes: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” It seems as though Liquid Death’s “laugh at you” stage lasted longer than what is typical. There is a reason that many analysts failed to see the power of Liquid Death.

Member Brief: Peloton’s Wholesale Push

Peloton’s wholesale push continues as the company pivots from DTC darling to wholesaler. First, it was Amazon. Now, the company has announced its exercise bikes will be for sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores around the US, starting with more than 100 Dick’s locations. The move is a sheer expansion play as Peloton has struggled…

Member Brief: A Flurry of Acquisitions

Following a recently announced acquisition of Hero Cosmetics, there has been a recent burst in brand acquisitions – a win for a down-and-out retail category. Here’s how we packaged one of several takeaways from the Hero Cosmetics story: What can other brands learn from this acquisition?

Member Brief: Meta’s Third-Party Data Lawsuit

Trojan horse no more. Apple is on the verge of another win in its crackdown on third-party data: Meta is being sued for its data collection practices and a lot is on the line. In August, we reported on Meta’s workaround to Apple’s iOS privacy practices, which cut off third-party data tracking for companies like…

Member Brief: Walmart But Make It Fashion

One of the more surprising evolutions in retail is taking place at one of the country’s biggest store chains. Walmart is fashionable now. In July, Walmart chose not to celebrate the Prime Day sales cycle to focus on inventory and the function of its stores. It seems that it may now be paying off.

Member Brief: Notes on Grocery

Two September acquisitions by Instacart signal where grocery may be headed: stores will be influenced by online marketplaces and vice versa. First, on September 1, Instacart acquired the intelligent pricing and promotions platform Eversight for an undisclosed sum. The company, launched in 2013, generates real-time insights on best pricing and promotion strategies to target customer…

Member Brief: FedUp

Note: we’ve added to this analysis since its publishing on 9/02/2022. Please review the addendum at the bottom. Both origin stories are legendary; this season will define a new chapter in the storied histories of them both. Federal Express (FedEx) and the United Parcel Service (UPS) changed commerce in ways that we may never be…

Member Brief: Brand / Channel Guide

Turns out DTC was just a channel and not a category of brands all along. This week, Peloton announced it would begin selling on Amazon. In doing so, it’s venturing into a distribution model that I believe will become another signal to other enterprise-level of brands.

Member Brief: Peloton’s Amazon Signal

Amazon is the number one search engine for products, so eventually, every brand will seek out its marketplace reach. It only makes sense that a brand desperate for a resurgence of its own has taken a shot and proving Amazon’s reach and effectiveness. In a recent report on DTC brands’ migration to online marketplaces, we explained…

Member Brief: Formula One Revisited

Revisited is a continuation of the 13 month old report – Formula One and America – and the changing dynamics as the Formula One takeover of American sports and business enthusiasts continues. There are a number of global sports: boxing, soccer, cricket, tennis, and racing. The last category is dominated by a form called Formula…

Member Brief: Consumer Data and Amazon

Before Apple began its push for privacy that sent social media advertising into a tailspin, few companies understood the consumer more than Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. Meta’s most recent earnings report showed the company’s first ever year-over-year decline in advertising revenue. The data that Facebook was able to use powered some…

Member Brief: New Nostalgia

What does a comedian, a content trend, and subtle changes in preferences tell us about the direction of commerce over the next several years? Life may imitate art. Consider these three categories of recent reports. Streaming and fragmentation: Continued Fragmentation Causing Chaos The Great Netflix Correction The Nielsen Streaming Top 10 The NFL to Launch…

Member Brief: Leaky Margin

Brands are better off, not as direct sellers but as middlemen. Individual brands are better set up for success when they’re part of a well-run marketplace. So no, not direct-to-consumer. This is the theory that we will unpack here. We’re at a fork in the road of the DTC era and what defined the previous…

Members: Shopify and Buy With Prime

It will be interesting to see if Shopify realized any additional gross merchandising volume thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day. Shopify and Amazon are in a perpetual chess match – they are frenemies if you will. It’s not always zero sum. A move by one side is typically countered by the other but this one appears…

Member Brief: What Walmart Signals For eCommerce

The next months of retail holidays will determine eCommerce’s resilience against rising recessionary pressures. So far, it doesn’t look great for short-term eCommerce growth. Amazon is focusing on its strengths while reducing costs associated with those efforts. Walmart’s actions are emblematic of the direction the digitally-secondary retailers will steer in the coming months.

Member Brief: Klarna’s Challenges Ahead

Venture-backed consumer technologies thrived throughout the decade-plus long bull market. Profitability was secondary to growth. Market capture was the key performance indicator. The buy now, pay later (BNPL) industry is one of those industries facing the strongest headwinds. From $5.5 billion market capitalization and up to a $46 billion before falling to $15 billion and…

Member Brief: The First Omniversal Brand

We all have our opinions. To many, Michael Jordan is Nike’s greatest athlete. To others, it’s Kobe Bean Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, or Serena Williams. For me, it’s Steve Prefontaine. Nike’s first athlete set the stage for decades of the brand’s rebellious and counterintuitive thinking. The spirit of Pre lives on.

Member Brief: Inventory Changes

It’s the tale of 10 months. Once upon a pandemic time, retailers made bets against business casual clothing and any other retail category for anyone who lived a life outside their home. These retailers went all in on athleisures, home improvement, at-home fitness, and in-home textiles.

Member Brief: Covering The Crash

Consider the one event that changed the perception of oil forever. The “gusher” reached 150 feet, producing 100,000 barrels per day. The world had never seen the volume of oil discovered on that day. There was oil before the Spindletop event, the casual observer just didn’t know much about the fossil fuel before that fateful…

Member Brief: Attack of the Clones

By the end of this report, you’ll know whether or not this quote is true: “I think I just broke the NFT market.” When we covered the value of the popular Bored Ape NFT in context of the Bored Ape Y…

Member Brief: VS and Co-Lab

Just a year ago, a partnership between Megan Rapinoe and Victoria’s Secret kicked off a symbolic change in how the intimates and swimwear does business – in the boardroom and within its stores. This week, the next phase was announced. Victoria’s Secret has launched a marketplace, which will specialize in selling women-owned and led brands….

Member Briefs: Wartime CEOs

The boom time for many DTC brands is nearing a close, the last few years has been difficult for retailers (especially digitally-native ones). There’s little else to prove for retailers like Glossier and Thinx, numbers 50 and 199 on the DTC Power List of top growers.

Member Brief: Asset Class or Currency?

Is it an asset class or a currency? That depends on the volume spent on products. The argument against blockchain technologies has been that they will never evolve beyond something you hold. The argument for wider adoption is that we will eventually use it the way we use fiat currencies.

Member Short: The WhoWhatWear Acquisition

Today, acquiring a media company is often not about the content they create. It’s about the audience that they curate and what that audience prefers to consume. At least, that’s the playbook for Future, a UK-based media company that owns a laundry list of specialized titles to include PC Gamer, Marie Claire, Homes & Gardens,…

Member Brief: All About Food

Headed into the pandemic, Instacart was at risk. However, rumors of its demise proved to be premature as COVID bolstered our need for grocery convenience. A January 2021 Forbes article on the Apoorva Mehta-led company: Online grocery purchases have jumped to 10% of the $1 trillion industry, more than triple what they were at the…

Member Deep Dive: The Shopify Solution

In the age of DTC retail, Shopify has served as more than a technology platform. It’s a bellwether for a much larger notion that shopping’s next iteration would be digital-first. Consumers are revolting against that idea, temporarily at least. Just a little over a year ago in March 2021, we offered this state of the…

Member Brief: Add Recession

Only a recession could stop the new consumer boom. In the meantime, there are greater market forces at play. The next boom is in pre-pandemic activity, America’s latest social luxury. Live Nation reports that concert ticket sales were up 45% YoY in February 2022 with 30% more concerts than were planned for 2019.

Member Brief: Not Authenticated

Since StockX began minting its own Nike sneaker NFTs in January, it’s been tempting fate. Now that Nike has come along with a lawsuit that claims the online reseller’s NFTs are in violation of its trademarks, more will be decided on who has rights to what real-world intellectual property in the metaverse.

Member Brief: The Meta Decisions

The direct-to-consumer industry regards Facebook as a pillar. Without the early years of Facebook advertising arbitrage, the machine that churned out agencies, brands, and marketplaces would have been far less whelming. Consider Lawrence Ingrassia’s telling of it in his 2020 book Billion Dollar Brand Club: In 2013, [Dollar Shave Club] became one of the first…

Member Data: Cost Cutting

A sure sign that the pandemic is over is that the ascension of two bellwether “stay-at-home” stocks are performing at pre-pandemic levels on the public market. Two tech companies, both leaders in their respective spheres, are showing just how difficult the road ahead may be. To 2PM readers, this shouldn’t be news.

Member Brief: One In The Same

As eCommerce becomes ever-present in our lives, that line of demarcation between eCommerce and our everyday lives continues to blur. There isn’t a direct-to-consumer industry any longer. Sure, some principles are influencing other industries. But what we’re beginning to see is a collection of economic realities that have shifted as the real world has begun…

Member Brief: Network vs. Network

For Shopify and Amazon, land grabbing is a chess-like match of moves and countermoves. It’s often that you’ll find both in the news for an acquisition or a new initiative within the same news cycle. This week is no different. Both companies made strategic moves to reinforce their positions as leaders in customer experience.

Member Brief: Winning Time, Netflix Subscribers, and You

Netflix’s Q1 tells a bigger story, and it has something to do with Jerry West, Travis Kalanick, Oxycontin, and We. More on that in a bit. In this week’s earnings results, Netflix said it lost 200,000 subscribers during the first quarter, the company’s first decline in paid users in over a decade.

Member Brief: Why Twitter

Elon Musk is a controversial figure. Okay, got that out of the way. Objectively speaking, few business owners on earth understand the psychology of communication and its ability to achieve specific goals quite like the Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder. Argue about the contents of his banter or the juvenile nature of some of his…

Member Brief: Bored & Hungry

What’s the actual value of an NFT? It depends on how bored and hungry you may be when answering the question. It turns out, it can be more than the OpenSea list price. The cachet of some digital properties are carrying over into real life. With new applications come added value.

Member Data: The Prices of Everything

The era of infinite availability is over and rising inflation is putting the direct-to-consumer industry in a precarious position. Modern brands like Tecovas, Eight Sleep, Gymshark, and Cuts gained popularity by taking sleepy categories and making better products for them. The premiumization of retail was influenced by a rise in disposable income and a customer…

Member Data: eCommerce Eats Retail

Imagine traditional retail and online retail sprinting around the track. Traditional retail would be the human sprinter and eCommerce would be personified by a robotic sprinter, one that is incapable of fatigue. The robot is 60% faster and 100% more efficient that its human counterpart. The next phase of growth in eCommerce is likely to…

Member Anecdote: Surrender

The word “surrender” is the theme of the moment for two long-rivaled entities. There’s a scene from the television adaption of Mike Isaac’s best-selling book “Super Pumped” that foretold this week’s logistics news. In the scene, Kalanick’s rival is a fictional executive from San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency.

Member Brief: Amazon Owns Hollywood

By making the MGM acquisition final, Amazon widened its moat and strengthening its customer acquisition flywheel. No retailer invests in content like Amazon. This deal puts the power of linear commerce on full display. Thanks in part to Amazon’s ability to monetize content through subscription revenue and direct commerce, it has a real shot at…

Member Brief: Mojo and Public Personas

Standing in Harvard Hall of New York’s eponymous Club years ago, I was privileged to overhear a conversation among Vernon Davis, Arian Foster, and John Elway. Together, the Hall of Famer and two NFL greats were promoting a new venture called Fantex, which, months later, would be written up by the New York Times.

Member Brief: b8ta Tested

b8ta’s shuttering of operations was a loss to the retail community, ending a valiant effort to change a retail industry that’s evolving faster than ever. In some ways, b8ta attempted to recreate the feel of Soho or Austin’s South Congress area in one store. In 2018’s Neighborhood of Goods, I explained: But when you leave…

Member Brief: Omnichannel Nirvana

The two sides are seeking omnichannel nirvana. As Nike focuses on its direct-to-consumer strategy, hurting department and specialty stores in the process, Allbirds is cozying up to wholesale. It’s an interesting paradox in omnichannel strategy that takes brand awareness and unit economics into consideration. The brands with sales velocity and stature to own their distribution…

Member Brief: Horses, Buggies, and Shopping for Groceries

Shopify beat expectations in its latest earnings but its share prices sank 15% on Wednesday. Wall Street is worried that the Shopify boom, and by extension the eCommerce boom, is ending with the pandemic. Moiz Ali believes it’s a sign that Shopify has done a poor job of preparing its enterprise clientele for success.

Member Brief: The Big Game

The online gaming industry is experiencing many of the same problems that online retailers have endured over the past years of rapid eCommerce adoption. Look no further than the deal to unwind Wynn Resorts from its online gaming arm after just a year of development, according to recent reports.

Member Brief: Not Authenticated

Since StockX began minting its own Nike sneaker NFTs in January, it’s been tempting fate. Now that Nike has come along with a lawsuit that claims the online reseller’s NFTs are in violation of its trademarks, more will be decided on who has rights to what real-world intellectual property in the metaverse.

Member Brief: The Dealership Goes Digital

Cox Automotive maintains over 40,000 dealer partners and with its new focus on mobility and emerging ventures, dealerships are being steered towards the future that the rest of retail has accepted. Eventually, automobile sales will be digital-first. In a recent press release, Cox Automotive listed 10 trends that will shape the auto industry in 2022….

Member Brief: DTC, Funding, and Scale

The mechanics of achieving scale with a venture-backed, direct-to-consumer business is a difficult proposition. Take three different stories from the last few days: Glossier is in the process of right-sizing after $274 million raised, Savage x Fenty announced a $120 million fundraise, and Skims just closed $240 million.

Member Brief: AG1 And Enterprise CPG

Picture the AG1 emblem on the front wing of Sir Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. It’s safe to say that AG, also known as Athletic Greens, will be seen on the land rocket of arguably racing’s best driver ever. It would be a high-powered match. AG is marketing itself as the performance fuel for athletes and anyone…

Member Brief: Our Peloton Analysis

Being adopted by luxury buyers is a gift to manufacturers. Fashion houses, car manufacturers, and home builders understand that there is an element of appeal that cannot be quantified. They know that there is a level of discomfort that comes with that but, if embraced, brands can develop a flywheel that marketing and advertising spend…

Member Brief: The New “Compact Cars”

First thing is first, the inflationary effects of the pandemic are no longer transitory by most economic analyses. Some of these changes are likely around for the long haul. The best analog to this, at this point, is the energy shocks of the 1970s that were influenced by, both, the 1973 Arab oil embargo and…

Member Brief: Online Inflation

The online holiday shopping numbers are in from Adobe and we now have a better understanding of how the holiday season was impacted by the sociology of the times. The bottom line: people shopped online more, and it was more expensive. We recap the many why’s here.

Member Brief: Gap, Yeezy, Balenciaga

Sometimes: art, culture, economics, and commerce meet in interesting ways. In what was a throwaway essay from 2018 on the merging of merchandise, music, and high fashion, I wrote: “The word ‘merch’ is synonymous with throwaway. Or at least it used to be. Gone are the days when famed fashion houses like Gucci focus solely…

Member Anecdote: Omicron and Resilient Retail

As the 2020 holiday season wrapped up, the writing was on the wall. A booming economy, a shift in retail preferences, and a lingering pandemic contributed to a rise in logistics costs and new real estate strategies for retailers. 2PM explained in December 2020: “The direct-to-consumer industry has served as a leading indicator for how…

Member Brief: CryptoKicks, Part 3

Nike prides itself on being first in line to new innovations or opportunities. The few times that it hasn’t been, it’s marketed so well that the consumer eventually forgot that another brand beat them to the punch (Nike has owned the mindshare in everything from NBA basketball to pro skateboarding).

Member Brief: LTK, The Content Fortress

LTK, the social shopping platform founded in 2010 by influencer Amber Venz Box, is now valued at $2 billion following a $300 million round of capital led by Softbank Vision Fund. In a crowded and competitive landscape of social commerce and shoppable platforms, LTK has managed to carve out a unique position and cultivated staying…

Member Anecdote: Frenemies

When you think about DTC, Web3 is its natural successor. Facebook, now Meta, has commerce ambitions to rival its “frenemy” Shopify, according to an Insider report published this week. Despite the name change, the metaverse isn’t Meta’s current commerce focus, and it won’t begin investing there until 2023.

Member Brief: Virgil, The Polymath

On occasion, we unlock member briefs for wider consumption. To support 2PM’s wider work, you can become a member. This essay was originally written on an October day while seated on a bench in New York’s Madison Square Park. When I would travel to the city, I would visit museums with people who inspired me….

Member Brief: StarDAO

This member brief is unlocked for all readers. To join 2PM, you can click here. Web3’s influence on retail is just beginning. Like Nike’s investments into digital goods and services, Starbucks is in position to become the consumer packaged goods leader in the next generation of the web.

Member Brief: The Limits of eCommerce

Standing before a small audience of Austin business owners and investors, I shared a bull case for eCommerce. Within 15 years, online retail will become our primary channel for product discovery and over 40% of all North American retail. The retail real estate footprint in America will continue to decrease as aging malls shutter,…

Members: The Meta Case For Commerce

We are close to dropping the “e” for good. As the metaverse takes shape, there will only be commerce. The pivot from Facebook to Meta is far less surprising than you may believe. Mark Zuckerberg understands that agglomeration will be digital. What does that mean? Agglomeration economies are the benefits that come when firms and…

Member Brief: The New Class System

Everyone is quitting and few understand why. I believe that I do. We are redefining our class system, and some are dissatisfied with their ranking. Technology has always played a role in designing class structure in the United States. At the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City, Westinghouse Electric screened a one-hour film called…

Member Brief: CLUB EBITDA

Retail is an EBITDA sport. In 2019, at Shopify Plus’s New York conference, a relatively unknown, foreign brand espoused the importance of healthy growth and profitability. American brands received all of the attention back then, but it was Daily Paper founder and CEO Hussein Suleiman that won over a crowd of fawning American entrepreneurs.

Member Brief: Digitally Native Vertical Brands

Andy Dunn is quiet these days. But one of the most important essays written in the short history of the direct-to-consumer industry was written by him. It’s time that we revisit the meaning of vertical. We have lost sight of what it means to build a digitally native vertical brand.

Member Practical: BFCM Tips

David Herrmann is one of the most trusted and respected thinkers and operators in paid acquisition. So much so that the New York Times just consulted him about the recent Facebook outage and how it impacted ad spend and ROAs for direct-to-consumer brands (a number of which rely on his team for success).

Member Recap: No Stock For Chrismukkah

A series conclusion. As early as September 12, artificial Christmas trees, decorations, and all of the trimmings were for sale at your neighborhood Lowe’s, on display in front of the Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. The early turn for the holiday season isn’t exclusive to hardware stores.

成員簡介: 擊敗廣告近視

Every platform will become a walled garden of media and commerce and that means new formats for advertising. Enter Shopify and Roku. Shopify has positioned itself successfully as a savior to small businesses. This latest demand generation effort should only bolster its image by the introduction of yet another advertising channel for DTC companies.


Few understand food service like Kat Cole, the former COO and President of Focus Brands. Where she goes, people follow. Where she is, the masses typically flock. The “coffee-loving chronic learner” and prolific investor recently posted a video to Twitter that highlighted her “direct-to-consumer freezer”, sparking a discussion around the resurgence of interest in frozen…


卡斯珀是一隻一次性獨角獸,現在的估值為2.1億美元(《八睡》的估值剛剛達到5億美元)。正如 TechCrunch 所報導的,一位 DTC 創始人匿名推測,蘋果 iOS 14.5 更新(它打擊了應用程式未經許可跟蹤用戶數據的能力)已經削減了 Casper 的行銷回報和客戶...

會員簡介: 商店化公司開發和約特波

The online retail industry is near its all-time peak according to Q1 census data and on-site reviews and user generated content (UGC) are of the most visible forms of social proof available to many online retailers. This makes Shopify and Yotpo a match made in SKU heaven.

Member Brief: The “Home Now” Strategy

Look to the furniture industry and you may find the present and future of eCommerce. I may have never been more incorrect about an industry insight. In an earlier analysis of Wayfair (2PM, February 2020), I honed in on their marketing concerns, razor-thin margins, and the diminishing returns of an aging drop-shipping strategy.












這將是電子商務活動加劇的又一個秋季。如果你關注科技媒體,專家會提出相反的建議。在最近彭博社的一篇Op-Ed中,Tae Kim寫道:「亞馬遜可能面臨整個電子商務類別放緩帶來的不利因素,而去年大流行高峰期的形勢嚴峻。




在所有的娛樂史上,我們從未見過像《快速電影宇宙》那樣的東西。今天,每個媒體財產都有可能嘗試一個電影世界。我們欠這一點, 文柴油頓悟。快速和激情的傳奇故事建立自己的電影宇宙的稀薄空氣,沒有書面來源材料。




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成員簡報: 拉皮諾領導進攻


會員獨家: Web3 和 DTC

使用者聚集的地方應該引起任何在互聯網上做生意的人的興趣。不幸的是,圍繞區塊鏈技術的對話可能看起來複雜、排他性,甚至無聊。這是因為消費者不關心技術本身。我們關心的是功能和體驗。當蘋果宣佈 ios 15 時, 它未來的大多數使用者不會問...






"伊德姆" 這個詞有諷刺意味。當我第一次在國外旅行時聽到拉丁語術語時,它被用在了16世紀英國君主制的背景下。眾所周知,這個詞指的是平靜和穩定,它表示永久的相同性或優先性。

會員簡報: 尾巴搖動狗


成員簡介:無花果復甦 DTC 戰略

無花果印鈔票。無花果打破了類比。圖重寫每個季度到期的 DTC 劇本;他們的品牌發展、成長和退出將持續未來幾年。磨砂品牌是聯合創始人兼聯合首席執行官希瑟·哈森的創意,他的"啊哈"時刻是在聽一個朋友解釋她作為護士醫生的痛苦點時出現的。接近清單頂部?


當我們想到今天的獨立創作者時,我們會想到一個成品:拋光、生產精良、完善。我們的頭腦讓人聯想到漫不經心的YouTube攝像師、博客作者、TikTok創作者、藝術家和比生命還大的獨立記者的畫面。派特 · 邁克菲不是其中之一, 至少不是傳統意義上的。別人的工作和邁克菲的工作之間的區別很簡單...


"在線建立您的品牌;建立你的業務離線,"或格言去。全管道零售商很可能贏得未來。如果是這樣,健康的購物中心仍將是戰略盟友,但時代正在改變。隨著許多現代零售商向正在慢慢創新自己版本的以 DTC 為中心的業務的現任者發起鬥爭, 實體零售...










很少有人能在品牌知名度上與 Lady Gaga 競爭。然而,海倫娜和伍迪·漢佈雷希特正在與豪斯合作,豪斯是開胃酒品牌,與Gaga的直接消費者美容品牌豪斯實驗室同名。在光速風險合作夥伴的支援下,Gaga 的品牌與漢佈雷希特開胃酒同年推出。




直接消費行業有句諺語:"你可能有銷售,但你沒有貨架空間。現在將這些相同的詞應用於不斷發展的媒體行業。激情經濟使創造貨幣化,但它尚未使獲得尊重的機會民主化。隨著像Substack和 Clubhouse這樣的寵兒的崛起與傳統媒體競爭,問題就變成了:如果你圍繞自己的想法建立一個成功的媒體業務,你在俱樂部嗎?


每個商場擁有權集團都必須撒謊, 否則卡屋可能會倒塌。商場泡沫破裂不是大流行病的錯:已經醞釀了多年了。我們都看過了一個經過驗證的 Twitter 個性記錄, 併發佈了一個繁忙的美國購物中心的視頻, 標題是: "零售回來了...






2010 年至 2016 年間,一些 CPG 零售商和數位本土垂直品牌在有執照的健身運動的説明下成熟,該運動塑造了十年來對健康、營養和健身的影響者。該清單包括像諾布爾, FITAID, 流氓, 米津 + 主, 澤維亞, 西特食品, 和 Rxbar 的夾具。







成員簡介:TCG 時程表

1985年,一款高科技「衝浪手機」在南加州問世。在《衝浪》雜誌的「當前部分」中,編輯團隊問了一個問題:「如果你能在一天中的任何時間撥打一個號碼,並得到一份有關衝浪條件的分鐘報告,那該怎麼辦?有需求,詢問衝浪者打電話,和電話服務稱為「衝浪線」成為立即擊中其利基觀眾。Surfline 使用其當天的技術,1-800 號碼,説明新手和高級衝浪者得分他們最大的波。



會員簡介: Instashop

Verishop 擁有無數獨立、傳統和直接面向消費者的品牌,專注於提供當今社交媒體所缺少的內容。千禧一代和Z世代想在網上購物:他們想逛櫥窗。最重要的是,他們更喜歡與觀眾分享他們的想法。







成員簡介:DTC 收購公司











在20世紀之交,汽車的普及依賴於對鋪路的投資。互聯網品牌的普及將取決於自身的基礎設施建設。要了解我們在這個時期所處的位置,請考慮一下 1962 年的約翰 · 斯坦貝克語錄: 當我們穿過這些通道時...








沒有專家,陽光下沒有什麼新鮮事,今天這幾個月是昨天的幾十年。一旦忘記這些問題,一個企業就處於新的不利地位。這就是奎比發射的故事。Quibi 以前註冊為「新電視」,是一個基於應用程式的流媒體服務,專為千禧一代的觀看偏好量身定做。



成員簡介:DTC 健身難題





在1977年5月號的《田野與流》第42頁,野營編輯史蒂夫·內瑟比寫道: 看起來,長達幾個世紀的尋找防水但透氣的輕質面料已經取得了圓滿成功。[1] 保證讓你保持乾燥, 戈爾 - 特克斯發明於 1969 年。該面料是當時一項值得注意的技術創新。


數十年來,媒體通過展示廣告、本土廣告、品牌媒體、聯盟行銷以及最終直接商業的方式獲利。就像技術進步一樣,漏鬥經過多年的拓寬 縮短。媒體的定義隨著時間的而擴大。今天,點擊率 (CTR) 對出版商的意義比訪問者所佔的收入要小。


第一部分:元宇宙系列。公司可以構建元反面,還是只是表現?在這個大流行和國家反應時期, 住在俄亥俄州哥倫布是超現實的。遙遠的未來在許多方面感覺更加接近。它加速向我們。像其他主要城市一樣,商店、街道和公園都是空的。



會員簡介:NBC 和線性商務





烘乾機不工作!這些話引發了一連串的事件,最後與Lowe's和無數公司通了19個小時的電話,研究為什麼他們的流程遠遠落後於當今的標準。整個磨難讓我想起了 90 年代情景喜劇《家庭改善》中的一幕, 由蒂姆主演...












回想一下你的青春。當你在20世紀90年代或21世紀初參觀當地的購物中心時,它們就像是供應商和大型零售商的市場。這是一本關於 S 庫斯的活生生的小冊子。當時,店面不需要特殊功能、個性或體驗品質。


瑪麗·佐弗雷斯在1998年的一個星期四收到了這個盒子。到週一,這個詞已經傳到了電影的導演身上。Oliver Stone 對剛剛起步的盔甲品牌的樣品感興趣,但前提是製作工作室不必支付所要求的 44,000 美元服裝費用。




走過格雷登卡特的格林威治餐廳,我重新思考我對媒體行業的看法。當時,我是一家媒體品牌的電子商務總監,事情並沒有按計劃進行。我錯過了什麼, 我搞不懂是什麼。






2009 年 3 月,Uber 在三藩市大張旗鼓地推出。當時,移動公司的首席執行官特拉維斯•卡拉尼克(TravisKalanik)的目標似乎很簡單:首先吸引社會高層,然後通過搶佔市場共用來主宰世界。除了,要做到這一點,他必須調整價格。


改變音樂事業的那一刻,就像他們一樣,發生了叛亂。1998年,當肖恩·范寧開始開發曾經臭名昭著的檔共享平臺Napster時,它建在一台借來的筆記型電腦上,幾乎沒有錢,甚至更少的支援。然後, 在偶然的行為, 一個前 Facebook 肖恩帕克會見了范寧在...






特拉華州一個高中籃球比賽的第二季度,時鐘滴答作響——俄亥俄州哥倫布附近的一個中產階級。學校距離市中心僅29英里,距離不大,但世界卻很不同。站在看臺上, 緊跟在對方球隊的籃筐後面...


為了慶祝黑色星期五 / 網路星期一零售假日, 這份報告已經持續到 11 月 30 日。如果您想訪問更多此類報告,您可以在下午 2 點加入執行會員資格。執行成員推動行業向前發展。在最近的一次從哥倫布飛往紐約的航班上,我坐在兩個父母後面...


當您首次打開迪士尼®時,您會立即識別哪些流媒體服務將過時。iTunes 排名前 20 位的影片中,有好幾部是 11.99 美元到 19.99 美元的下載費,現在包含在 6.99 美元的訂閱費中。這簡直就是偷盜, 規模劇。


達米安 · 查澤爾的《第一人》中有一個場景, 描繪了我從未想過的時刻。萊昂 ·布裡奇斯的一首曲子在場景的短暫時間里發出刺耳的響聲。螢幕上,一群年輕的非洲裔美國人站在附近的田野里觀看阿波羅11號的發射。


2019 年 8 月的亞馬遜大火再次表明地球氣候處於脅迫之下。該地區的乾燥炎熱和無情的條件加速了巴西每年火災季節的破壞。森林的破壞對美國公司產生了廣泛的經濟影響:其中最重要的沒有共用地理...




2013 年《波士頓環球報》關於巴茲 · 盧爾曼版《偉大的蓋茨比》的報導包括一條吸引我眼球的一次性臺詞。特奧尼·奧爾德裡奇是一位傳奇的服裝設計師,他的作品包括《月光》、《鬼怪》和《安妮》。但她對1974年的蓋茨比的貢獻是不同的,電影的效果和零售結合將改變生活方式的品牌...






一個散發真實性的獨特全球品牌。貝恩資本的負責人里安·科頓(RyanCotton)這樣描述這家私人股本公司2013年的收購。貝恩擁有 1,000 名地區員工,有 55 年的歷史,當時的年收入估計為 1.5 億美元[1],貝恩對加拿大鵝的默許遵循了傳統的市盈率行動手冊。










Netflix 正在成長, 迪士尼正在安全地播放它。Netflix 和迪士尼 Plus 之間即將展開的戰鬥即將成為流媒體 22 年歷史上的關鍵時刻。兩個巨頭正在一個沒有壟斷的領域搖擺。還是這樣,畢竟?



成員研究: 客場 vs. 里莫瓦

在美國各地的機場候機室里,正在醞釀鋁製和擦傷比賽。在亞特蘭大最大的達美候機室的任何一天,您都會發現 200 名商務主管和休閒旅客攜帶了精心配備的隨身行李。大多數是鮮豔多彩的硬殼:有些是鋁製的。在這些金屬吸引注意力的人中,很多是由里莫瓦製造的,但是...




在最近與旅程行銷平臺Shoelace首席執行官的談話中,RezaKhadjavi提出了一個重要的問題:品牌第一的現代定義是什麼?隨著客戶收購成本 (CAC) 的上升和保留率成為關鍵績效指標,問題從未像現在這樣重要。



成員研究:GGB vs. 卡利瓦

關於傳統 vs. DTC。作為Caliva行銷和品牌副總裁,羅西·羅斯羅克收到消息說,流行文化中最具影響力的人物之一希望進入這個行業,她獲得了這筆交易。卡利瓦與新上任的億萬富翁音樂大亨和藝術家肖恩「Jay Z」卡特的合作填補了Hypebeast的俗話說的頁面,...




窗簾後面2010年2月15日, 上線。在GQ給公司配音「眼鏡的Netflix」的48小時內,該網站充斥著95美元的眼鏡訂單,布盧門塔爾暫時中止了家庭試用計劃。對直接進入消費者時代的任何分析都應包括數位媒體在...。


當你有下一個機會時,尋求與沃爾瑪員工的談話。不, 不是你在 Recode 代碼商務處找到的, 儘管你會發現他們是了不起的人。但那是一個完全不同的世界。找到像辛迪或達里爾這樣的人辛迪已經在沃爾瑪超級中心工作了九年...


過去幾個月的兩個關鍵發展,塑造了本周在多倫多購物聯合2019的公告。第一個: 去年, Buzzfeed 離開 Shopify, 利用亞馬遜 (Fba) 的履行。這當然是一個打擊購物:就在幾個月前, Shopify 開始與 Buzzfeed 合作, 以推動其許多商店的需求。




本周,有一些發展值得一個新的系列,稱為成員趣聞的第一個,一個快速反應的短形式報告,背景的最新發展,並説明執行成員規劃未來。谷歌 / Facebook 現在擔心反壟斷審查 (Wsj) 行銷人員在播客廣告上花費, 但更喜歡改進定位。



成員研究: 色調 vs. 佩洛頓

這是一系列研究報告中的二號。對於第一個, 重讀斯托克克斯訴山羊。誰將擁有你的空餘房間?從杠鈴到機械健身機具,工程是設備行業的核心。但它不是它的核心 - 最成功的...

會員簡介: 2007 - 2019





獨家深度潛水。2017年至2018年間,電子商務占美國零售額的比例從13.0%躍升至14.3%。儘管在線零售基礎設施尚未準備好應對反向物流需求,但預計2019年這一數位將達到17%。隨著在線零售滲透率超過 17% 大關在北方...








在Facebook上, 把中間人砍掉。沃比派克去的地方,行業跟隨。至少, 這是 Instagram 高管們所希望的。如果你今天要推出一個挑戰者品牌,你會怎麼做?Facebook 的高管們打賭, 到 2020 年及以後, 商業對話將開始...

會員研究: 斯托克克斯 vs. 山羊









在亞馬遜偉大的 Hq2 崩潰。從帕洛阿爾托到聖克魯斯的車程蜿蜒穿過茂密的森林和小溪。在最近的一次旅行中, 我在妻子的會議和我自己的會議之間來回開車。有一次, 我停下來, 驚歎於這個特殊的伸展的美麗和效率...


DTX 公司是我們所由前誓言首席執行官蒂姆·阿姆斯壯領導的一個新基金已經啟動,以影響一個直接面向消費者的零售生態系統。在這份報告中,我們來看看DTX希望實現什麼目標,我們建議調整前進的道路。




外賣: 狂熱分子和 Umg 布拉瓦多正在碰撞路線上。"偉大的麥片競賽"將由重視許可協議、商標產品和長期夥伴關係的機構贏得。隨著「可穿戴智慧財產權」繼續推動藝術家、出版商和中間所有東西的在線零售增長,將正是這些機構開發高知名度/高銷售名冊。


簡短報告。WeWork(現在:"我們公司")通過科技和零售媒體獲得了房地產權益的心靈份額。擁有超過 7,900 名員工和超過 11,000,00 平方英尺的管理面積,這是實用的。但是,我們開始看到品牌、房地產和啟動的冰山一角。


如果你在80年代和90年代在城鎮的右邊長大,你可能還記得那些「租中心」商店。你知道,如果你開車經過其中一個,你可能沒有在鎮的右邊。你會看到視窗貼花, 宣傳他們的六個月, 就像現金交易...


開拓者得到箭,定居者得到黃金。DNVB 通過自己的在線購物車銷售他們的產品。從歷史上看,這些品牌比傳統零售商和競爭對手具有價格優勢,包括亞馬遜。他們通過切斷中間商和直接向消費者行銷來實現這一點。

會員簡報:Netflix 報告

考慮你最喜歡的電影的所有時間。你可能看過十五遍了你知道臺詞,主角的肢體語言,你知道電影的樂譜。你甚至可能有劇本躺在家裡。很有可能, 你在自己舒適的家中看的比...




玩具消費差距。有兩部非常受歡迎的老電影的場景:湯姆·漢克斯的《大》中的鋼琴場景和麥考利·庫爾金的《獨自回家2》中的"鄧金玩具寶箱"場景。這兩個對我來說很突出, 因為作為一個孩子, 除非你住在大都市紐約, 你從來沒有一次...


2016 Gear 巡邏 FJ40 數位發佈商的產品實驗室是內容貨幣化的新演變。出版商尋求收集數據,以期確定對出版商讀者最有吸引力的產品。使用這種方法,他們可以向讀者銷售專門的合作(或採購產品)。


今年又是這一年度銷售週期的破紀錄年。黑色星期五是歷史上第一天實現20億美元或以上的移動銷售。網路星期一在北美的銷售額超過79億美元。但是, 當銷量增加時, 品牌們卻爭先恐後地進入樂趣中。




田納西州納什維爾有安靜的內容初創公司, 這讓我看到了在內容創作者面前的可能性。 成立於2016年,2018年9月由阿萊西亞·維馬拉推出,它悄悄地影響了內容如何貨幣化。而公司的核心是建立在一個相對較新的原則,對大多數人來說,被稱為無頭商業。

會員簡報: Buzzfeed 去亞馬遜

今年8月,BuzzFeed的商業集團悄悄地將他們的服裝銷售業務從Shopify Plus轉移出去。大約在同一時間,BuzzFeed 評論推出,以競爭日益強大的聯盟銷售驅動的出版商,如線切割機或齒輪巡邏。有壓倒性的數據引用了子公司銷售和廣告銷售勢頭之間的直接關係。




在特斯拉的模型3和目標一人口統計學。2018年6月,《大西洋報》發表了一篇文章,闡明瞭宏觀經濟趨勢,我長期以來一直認為,這種趨勢是零售業的一種可信的暗流。有這群消費者不是 1%, 但不是中產階級。


注意:下午 2 點,Inc. 通過我們的下午 2 點增長夥伴關係,諮詢電子商務生態系統中的幾個頂級品牌、代理商、零售 SaaS 和投資者。在最近的一次會議上,我們探討了説明奢侈品牌從嚴重依賴實體零售的市場地位轉變的方法。這家奢侈品零售商 2019 年第 2 季度的目標是實現...


當你想到網上零售時,雜貨店並不是首先想到的行業之一。直到 2012 年 Instacart 推出。從那時起,雜貨的實現就變成了狂野的西部,一個新的領域,舊零售商採用新的戰略,以實現與亞馬遜等公司的平價。


商業作為背景。購物將不斷發展,Prime 視頻可能處於最前沿。亞馬遜在週四晚間足球廣播中推出了一種新的格式。作為與國家足球聯盟為期兩年的合同的一部分,Prime Video 擁有週四所有 11 場比賽的權利。








對於露露蒙的創始人、前首席執行官奇普·威爾遜(ChipWw wilson)說,該產品是關於瑜伽的,僅此而已。今天很難想像休閒是瑜伽專用的產品,但有一段時間,他試圖大力保護它。快速歷史記錄。隨著高級休閒從瑜伽工作室到競技體育到休閒時尚的鴻溝, 它的成長...

會員簡介: Facebook 商業走向物理


成員簡介:MVMT 收購

MVMT 由傑克·卡桑和克萊默·拉普蘭特於 2013 年創立,是新興直銷消費行業的最多產、最高效的劇本之一。在DNVB領域最重要的收購中,擁有5年歷史的MVMT品牌被莫瓦多集團以1億美元收購,收購金額為1億美元。




與 公司正面接觸聽起來像是自殺任務, 但布蘭德萊斯的投球足以贏得松下美智子。7月31日,布蘭德萊斯宣布軟銀1000億美元的願景基金已經投資了2.4億美元:這筆交易的價值略高於5億美元。




如果返回項下面有額外的模組,該怎麼辦?如果這是 DNVB 接觸新客戶的新工具呢?這是梅根和我最近與俄亥俄州哥倫布市環島公司首席執行官科貝特·摩根討論的。SaaS 初創公司最近重新命名為小型到主要直接消費品牌的物流解決方案...










品牌。如果你已經建立了一個偉大的產品,你需要一個觀眾。如果你已經建立了一個俘虜的觀眾,你需要一個偉大的產品。選秀之夜來來去去。今年,一個品牌是當晚最大的新聞。美洲獅是籃球界最後一個相關的時候, NBA 傳奇和現任尼克斯評論員沃爾特 「克萊德」 弗雷澤。










客戶獲取成本 (CAC) 是新的租金。當傑夫·貝佐斯曾經打趣說你的利潤是我的機會時,紮克伯格和拉裡·佩奇不可能知道他有一天會提到他們珍貴的廣告業務。頂級漏鬥和重新定位廣告業務可能是在線零售商生死攸關的區別。


上個週末,Shopify 結束了他們一年一度的聯合活動。硬體和軟體作為工具的概念,使一個老化的實體零售行業是主題。它成為出席的16,000多個合作夥伴的中心舞臺。Shopify 擁有絕佳的機會,通過這些新工具將現有獨立供應商提升到新的高度。


社交媒體和數位垂直本土品牌的正常化使藝術家和影響者能夠創建在線零售品牌作為主要收入來源。在這份報告中,我們將分解最佳實踐 - 包括一些見解,從我們的編輯的工作與某個YouTube的創造者。

成員簡報 10:收購目標








成員簡報 6: 部落秘密 / 第 1 季度

成員簡報會致力坦誠和客觀地討論有關工作。話雖如此,我們開始第六次成員簡報會,有一些事情你很少在公共場合聽到。以下是在發佈商 /商業領域進行的第 1 季度運動回顧。






數據:在第257期,下午2點刊登了我見過的點擊次數最多的白皮書之一。深入到演示文稿中,第142頁,是一個宣言,電子商務公司和垂直品牌應不時提醒。第一方數據是目標, 這反過來又推動額外的賺取覆蓋範圍...


截至記者發稿時,沃爾瑪的市值接近300美元,而亞馬遜的市值則徘徊在7220億美元。Jet創始人馬克·洛爾被雇來抹去美國記憶中的沃爾瑪。如果他能讓我們忘記, 沃爾瑪有一個令人興奮的機會, 以開闢一條新的道路, 作為美國集成的磚和砂漿 / 電子商務的力量....


此摘要是下午 2 點僅限會員內容包的範例。瞭解更多底部。線性商務。如果你已經建立了一個偉大的產品,你需要一個觀眾。如果你已經建立了一個俘虜的觀眾,你需要一個偉大的產品。以下是創始人集體內容總監的及時推文。