DTC List

Version 2.0 of the DTC Twitter List. Rather than pursuing an exclusive solution, we chose the open source approach to amplifying these DTC conversations. It’s in the above context that we’ve provided a few tools to replicate the cross section of profession and personality in the DTC space. We’ve listed many top contributors below. The list is organized by first-name alphabetical and it includes their current title, professional class, and their profession.

Follow them, individually, or you can visit an actively-updating list by visiting 2PM’s DTC Twitter List. These are operators, analysts, investors, and reporters who are collectively moving the eCommerce economy forward. They provide unique insights, perspectives, and solid arguments. You won’t always agree with them but you will value them.

Each of these professionals: challenge thoughts, author unique positions, devise strategies, or invest in an evolving ecosystem. This is an ecosystem of products, services, agencies, and the SaaS platforms that they’re built upon. Whichever direction the industry moves, you’ll find the signals – here – long before those developments materialize.

This list will remain open to the public. For access to our other databases and indexes, join the Executive Membership.

Note: this list is not exhaustive and it is subject to change.