Original Artwork: Adrian O. Smith

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Part one of the weekly, twelve-part written series: July 6, 2018. A twelve part fiction. I imagine a dystopian 2024. Robert “Bob” Zhose, Founder and CEO of North America’s largest eCommerce company, lords over a coveted subscription product with over 150 million members. It’s a subscription that determines your economic class and access to basic supplies, medication, security, and national citizenship.

Zhose runs for President and wins the popular vote by leveraging a vast majority of his 150 million members against the two parties’ popular candidates. In 2024, he becomes America’s 46th president after eight years of shifting internet regulation, the consolidation of the federal government, the shuttering of most media, and the establishment of a commerce monopoly. A virtually unstoppable conglomerate spanning many consumer industries. To avoid losing America to a textbook autocracy, Americans will have to decide if they want Zhose’s agenda to continue through 2028. A second term would give him just enough time to see his plan come to fruition.

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