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368 Positioning: 8/9
Not a design mockup, just for internal concept work.
  • TO: Creators
  • WHO: deeply value storytelling
  • OUR BRAND: 368
  • IS THE: pinnacle of creator lifestyle
  • WHICH: represents and elevates the culture of authentic and purposeful creation
    • have a dedicated space for creators
    • produce a daily show for creators
    • discover the best new creator talent
    • host events to bring the community together
    • dedicate time and resources to worthy causes
    • give honest and authentic recommendations for products
    • create products that complement and enhance the urban and creator lifestyle

Why eCommerce?

The 368 store is meant to provide products of interest to the urbanist, creator lifestyle. It’s a buyer’s guide that serves as an extension of the 368 space and purpose, so that fans of the 368 mission can be part of the brand experience without being in NYC.  The site seeks to grow the 368 community by building a deeper relationship with the community through commerce. 

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