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Most headlines and news stories about Gap have questioned whether or not Gap can survive the pandemic. A new partnership has people asking: Can Kanye West and his Yeezy brand save Gap?

Next year, West will debut a line of co-branded merchandise with the retailer that is expected to retail for under $100 per item. West, who sells a line of apparel under the Yeezy brand as well as an Adidas collaboration that earned over $1 billion in 2019, has long expressed the desire to design a line of clothing made more accessible to more people. Gap is in perfect position to receive a boost.

The retailer is being sued by two mall landlords for missed rent payments, has closed stores, laid off employees and cancelled orders in light of the pandemic. The West collaboration assumes that the chain will be around for 10 more years. With a design refresh, Gap could take on a new meaning to a new set of consumers who have largely moved on to online and fast fashion brands. But West’s pull as a designer hasn’t been tested on such a mass scale before. Whether or not his aesthetic – which has always been minimalist – will translate into sales for Gap remains to be seen.

By Hilary Milnes

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