Issue No. 245 What’s old is new again

Brief: It wasn’t worthy of a feature article but here is a great interview with the Warby Parker founders on how they’ve accomplished so much.

Today I will be recording an episode of Lumi’s Well Made podcast and it will be an opportunity to discuss 2PML capstone topics. Respond to this email with any retail, eCommerce, or DNVB issues that you’d like to hear more about.

And over the last several weeks, I have been working on the next steps for 2PML. With some assistance, I have begun to lay the groundwork for a 2PML-based fund to work with in pre-seed DNVB’s and subscription-based digital publishers. The target date for the first investment is Q2 2018.

Part two: the coming of podcast commerce

What do you notice about the response this tweet? Over the past few months, I’ve transitioned from building eCommerce functionality into existing media brands to supplying merchandising capability to influential media brands.

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, you’ve listened to an ad read. Don’t be too down on them. They support your favorite pod and people are actually being influenced by them. You’ll be fascinated to learn that you a podcasts’ ability to move merchandise may be unparalleled in the digital publishing sphere.

Mizzen+Main CEO Kevin Lavelle would tell you that the brand tipped into the mainstream, a bit faster than any of us imagined it would, after a few paid reads on the Tim Ferris Podcast.

Via Kevin Lavelle (2015):

Let’s talk specifics. Below is a ranking of our sales days, in order, and relative percentages of how our other top days compare to our best day for perspective.

  1. Day Three of Tim Ferriss First Podcast Sponsorship
  2. Fund raise Announcement, Wall Street Journal, 83% of Highest Day
  3. Day One of Tim Ferriss Podcast, 73% of Highest Day
  4. New York Times Profile, 69% of Highest Day
  5. Day Two of Tim Ferriss Podcast, 58% of Highest Day

A lot has happened since 2015 but the Ferris podcast remains a pivotal point in the company’s growth.

Podcasts may be the most influential medium on the internet today. While podcasts must have visibility, the podcast host’s objective is influencing the listener. This contrasts the model for many digital publishers, whose objective is to simply collect visitors and sell ads on purported volume. Influence-first journalism = eCommerce efficacy.

In Issue 246, 2PM will feature an in-line list of the top 15 most influential podcasts and online publishers. Your participation is requested. Respond to the tweet for your input to be considered. Or you can simply respond to this email with your thoughts.

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