Issue No. 237: DNVB Brief. đź‘€

DNVB Brief: I had the privilege of watching the first few days of a well-executed Kickstarter campaign. But this time, from the inside. For anyone who has seen a crowdfunding campaign succeed, it takes a tremendous amount of planning, grunt work, and execution to succeed in this manner. Cotton Bureau’s goal of $48,000 was achieved in 27 hours. Click the diagram below tobetter understand why consumers are drawn to this project.

Graphic of the week: Zuckerberg to Spiegel, “Finish him.”


The Takeaway: While work is clearly being done on the underlying technology for Facebook’s smart glasses now, don’t expect to see the device anytime soon. Michael Abrash, the chief scientist of Oculus, recently said that AR glasses won’t start replacing smartphones until as early as 2022.

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