Issue No. 222: ūüó£Hi, SiriAlexaGoogle.

Say hello to the¬†HomePod by Apple.¬†Of all of today’s WWDC advancements, this is the most interesting to me. Voice Commerce and audio advertising are both on the rise. As such, it should be interesting to see how¬†Apple¬†competes with¬†Google’s “Home”¬†(the superior ad business) and¬†Amazon’s “Echo”¬†(the superior commerce business). For a device like this, entertainment may not be enough to make it an essential home tool. Advantage, Amazon?

Graphic of the week


This about more than athletic shoes. In many ways, this race between the three largest American athletic brands will signify how all brands must evolve to compete in a rapidly changing market. If you missed out,¬†read the latest¬†by Yahoo’s Daniel Roberts with great quotes by¬†2PM¬†reader and seasoned retail analyst,¬†Matt Powell.


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