Issue No. 217B: Blank


One step closer to becoming a DNVB. Last covered in Issue No. 203, Cotton Bureau is one-step closer to filling a void left behind by American Apparel’s bankruptcy. They’ve begun manufacturing a new type of tee for all shapes and sizes. It’s called “Blank” and it has the potential to solve a gaping sourcing issue in a major fashion segment.

Led by Michelle SharpCotton Bureau is inching closer to launching their Kickstarter and they are welcoming apparel testers and participants in their upcoming video shoot with the team at Sandwich.

Started from the bottom, now we’re…somewhere in the middle.

If you’re interested in helping the Cotton Bureau team’s launch into manufacturing, let me know. I am huge fan of their growing, Pittsburgh-based team and the more that you learn about them, the more you’ll say the same.
See more of the issue here.

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