Issue No. 209: Amazon wants to dress you

Amazon has a much richer dataset of user intent and purchase data to target users than FB or Google. They already dominate product search today and I would bet that Amazon can be the disruptive force to challenge AdWords. Their flywheel is second to none.

– Anthony Soohoo

This was a good quote. Though focused on eCommerce, 2PM covers online publishing and advertising for this reason. Big or small, the brightest eCommerce groups borrow from the brightest in media and vice versa.

Here is a great smaller-scale example: MindBodyGreen ramps up eCommerce.

Amazon’s growth as an eCommerce company is tied to its growth as a publisher. As such, Amazon’s advertising business will eventually thrive as Bezos has invested in streaming, digital magazines, and owning most of our consumer lives. The intent to buy is a powerful indicator of success and stateside, it’s harder to find a place with more consumers willing to spend money than Amazon.

Their advertising platform will eventually disrupt Google’s Adwords and Facebook’s Newsfeed for this very reason. Whereas “eyeballs” determined the last 25 years of tech growth, cart conversions will determine the next 25 years. The great digital businesses understand that this is the foundation. Amazon and Alibaba are building commerce-driven ecosystems where eyeballs and clicks aren’t enough. Retailers have no choice but to reward them for sales efficacy with higher margins, increased leverage, and more ad spend.

While there are only a few corporations that will achieve Amazon or Alibaba’s magnitude, there is an estimated 35-40% of the global market (2020) that will be available to younger businesses that cultivate a community of well-intentioned, connected, and entertained buyers.

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