Issue No. 207: Push it.

I’ve made some careful changes so far and I believe that it’s improved how many of you interact with 2PML on a daily basis. For one, I’ve reduced the number of letters from five per week to a more sustainable (and digestible) three per week. The percentage of readers who clickthrough to external articles (my measure of success) has risen from 23.1% to 31.2% in the last 20 issues. Additionally, the overall open rate rarely falls below 50% now, a good sign.
To build on this, I am planning a few additional improvements that will go into effect no later than Issue 240. For one, the next two partnerships will be announced: an eCommerce behemoth and a $1B+ venture capital fund. I’m extremely proud to have rounded out the longterm partners for this project. However, here are few improvements that will better serve you:
Update no. 1: Once per week, there will be a subscription-based, long-form analysis of the week’s newsworthy advancements in eCommerce, brand, or digital media. Professionally written, edited, and delivered to you before Saturday brunch.
Update no. 2: For the readers who want access to that content, there will be a custom-built forum for you to communicate with one another or even contribute content of your own.
Update no. 3: As such, 2PML will be hiring an analyst for the weekly long-form product. Email me for info:
Many readers use 2PML to influence decision-making in the fields of retail, investment, and business / fashion journalism. The upcoming private community and weekly content will provide another platform for no more than 600 leaders to consume and communicate with their peer groups.
Any questions? Ask away

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