Issue No. 177: …that should inspire every brand.

Continuing On…

The plan is to continue by further improving its writing, design, function, and curation. While I won’t use the word “startup” to describe this project, I do hope that 2PM Links can be the authority on these matters and if the team must grow to achieve that, it will.

I began 2PM Links to grow as a student of commerce and the interconnectivity of data, media, and brand. Each day, I devoted hours to it. However, I look back on early writings with a bit of pause. My views on certain industries, companies, and initiatives were often determined without inspection. And that is a benefit of this letter. What you will take away from reading this letter is an evolved view of an ecosystem that fosters growth for companies. You will have an even better understanding of media, data interpretation, brand management, and commerce are the foundational pillars of many companies that thrive today. Fluidity is our modern law and the ecosystem is readjusted often enough to promote a need for collective effort.

The interconnectivity of our professions is what drives each of them along. And the plan for is to continue highlighting all that each industry offers, without opinion or sensationalism. I hope that you’ll stick around after no. 180.

Web Smith / @web

P.S. 2PM Links is well-read these days but here is the unheralded announcement of it on day one, just nine months ago on 👉🏽 Product Hunt. 😂

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