Issue No. 169: Lean Luxe

Headlining Issue 51 of Lean Luxe (Subscribe and Make Paul Munford happy):

Guys, Gear Patrol just launched a store yesterday.

The team got in touch to let me know the new Gear Patrol Store was officially unveiled yesterday. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited by this. With so much talk of media companies faltering by believing they’re only in the content game––and not the connections, commerce, or community building game––they’ve become over-reliant on dwindling digital ad rates. But it’s clear to me, as it has been for a long time, that GP understands this. Their store is further proof that retail (be it physical or online) and publishing, can, when done correctly, be a winning combination. The smart publishers know that it’s not enough to just rely on advertising, and it’s abundantly clear GP gets this.

Now, back to the store. They described it to me as a corner store (rather than a general store), which certainly has my attention. And they’re selecting all items by hand, and virtually everything in stock is a GP collaboration, whether it’s a Travelteq x GP weekender…or a 1980 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser (special edition for GP!!), with most items pointing to adventure and travel. Which, in case you don’t know anything about the site––and shame on you if that’s true––is as ‘Gear Patrol’ as it gets. Time to update your christmas list.

A Last Word: The New Wave of Luxe


A noteworthy map by CB Insights of the fashion world’s onslaught of capable, well-capitalized, innovative “lean luxe” startups that have leaped the chasm into the mainstream.

Disclaimer: I am shareholder in Mizzen + Main and a consultant to a number of brands on this list through Web Smith, LLC. I serve as the Director of eCommerce at Gear Patrol. As always, thank you for reading. – @web

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