Issue No. 131: An uncool move by Nike?

Last Word: It’s not cool if you call it “cool.”


BRAND: Let’s face it, Nike’s latest experiment the HyperAdapt shoe (self-lacing shoes) is a emitting early signs of perceived failure. The design of the shoe would be panned if technology wasn’t the draw and on certain blogs, that is the case. In one four minute ad (featured on WIRED) we hear the following words: “changes the game” (1), “amazing” (1), “the future” (1), “cool” (2). It marks the first time in a long while where Nike has had to talk about the shoe to sell it. The brand’s modus operandi has always been to sell culture or the bigger picture, the shoe itself was often secondary. This is the Apple Watch of shoes but on the brighter side – they’ll sale quite a bit of them, regardless.

See more of the issue here.

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