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Media adopting eCommerce at a hastening pace


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Yesterday, I noted that I’d feature five media groups who’ve successfully added eCommerce to their revenue arsenals. The requirement to be on this list: (1) they have an editorial team (2) the sales are direct (not affiliate) sales (3) they also maintain a thriving ad-sales revenue stream (display and/or native).

  1. Barstool Sports: has a cult following in sports. They are rumored to generate $9M / year in eCommerce sales.
  2. Monocle: is a meticulous and artful online media company and print magazine  that generates over $10M in eCommerce sales on just < 450,000 uniques per month.
  3. Hypebeast: is the queen of the throne, rumored to generate over $15M per year in eCommerce sales.
  4. Hodinkee: is my personal favorite. They are generating between $5M and $7M per year in watch and accessories sales.
  5. Goop: has figured out editorial eCommerce. Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand just raised another $10M to go full speed into eCommerce, leaving ad-based media in the dust.

Editorial eCommerce is the next wave for revenue-driven media companies. But it takes more than a pretty homepage to execute this strategy. As display ads continue to be challenged by vendors who prefer direct clicks, this type of traffic monetization will continue to thrive.

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