Issue No. 108: The 2PML ‘Halo 10’

I’ve included a link to a working sheet, measuring ten startups that are riding high. Each has what’s known to CMO’s and brand managers as a “halo effect.” As a product manufacturer, you want to be able to release new product verticals to an audience prepared to trust your brand and its vision.

See: Casper’s dog mattress for $125.

When Apple launched the iPhone, their management made a then-risky bet that the Cupertino company’s halo effect was enough to influence enthusiasts of great computers to become enthusiasts of great phones without buttons. Jobs’ bet was correct. Most recently, Tristan Walker’s Bevel introduced a product that was only slightly tangential to what the brand had done before. The product is currently on back order after one of the brand’s strategic investors name dropped the product, in a very visible way.

Here is my top 10 list of brands who can launch products that fall outside of their original product road map. The list is in the order of 2015’s rate of growth. Information sources: Internet Retailer, SimilarWeb, Private Databases.

See more of the issue here.

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