Issue No. 113: Warby Parker’s video game, retail’s future, USPS’s resurgence, the death of SEARS.

Graphic of The week: In light of Apple’s pivot to service-based revenue

bii apple revenue by product 3q17

A few notes on the charts above:

  • Before 2000 Apple didn’t report revenue from Other Products or Services, so it is possible that the share of Macs in those years is overstated in the top chart
  • In 2004 Apple changed from reporting sales of 4 different categories of Macs to 2 categories: portables and desktops
  • In 2012 Apple consolidated all Macs into a single category for reporting purposes
  • In 2015 sales of iPods were so low that Apple included iPods in Other Products rather than as a separate segment. It appears likely that this will continue in future years

See more of the issue here.

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