Issue No. 94: Amazon at it again, Coke’s fall, retailers’ discount fallacy, and one major key

Graphic: Major 🔑 Alert


What am I looking at? A measure of Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures-backed Bevel‘s brand mentions immediately after this morning’s release of Snapchat philosopher and Miami rapper DJ Khaled’s ninth album – aptly entitled “Major 🔑.” On it, Nas mentions the Silicon Valley startup in one of his verses. At press time, the brand’s search volume and Twitter mentions are at a four month high.

The brand’s founder, Tristan Walker, has leaned heavily on eCommerce and direct relationships to his customer base – opting for deeper relationships versus a wider base of customers that may present lesser longterm value. Most recently, the brand launched within Target, benefiting from the store’s upper-scale audience and industry-leading data and targeting methodologies.

One of 2PML’s friends with thoughts on Bevel’s successful net promoter strategy,  Mr. Startup J. Khaled:

One of the 🔑’s that Bevel is embracing more than any other startup in recent history is the ability to connect with the culture. From podcasts like
Combat Jack to this Nas plug – Walker & Co is quickly becoming real life, life goals.

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