Issue No. 93: Obstacles, decline, goals, and the reshaping of commerce’s future

Last Word: Apple’s Most Recent Patent Can Tell Us

In the last decade, we’ve watched ad dollars shift from print to digital, commerce shift from physical to digital (and then from desktop to mobile). We’ve watched quarterly reports that make mention of Facebook’s profit triple, quarter over quarter as 84% of all new revenue orinates from iOS and Android devices.

If you’re really bored, read Apple’s latest patent and how their new mobile ATM system (in iOS generations to come) will replace our direct relationship with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express – effectively reducing credit card companies to token service providers.

The first article of the day is on new generation of retail that has chosen to rely heavily upon online sales in order to own the relationships with consumers (versus distributing through brick and mortar and passing along ownership to the physical retailer). We are watching more and more financial and consumer operations occur within the confines of our mobile devices and as the consolidation of those data driven operations continue, the value of digital-first eCommerce brands and the marketing / digital PR / and media associated with them will increase with it.

The appeal of DNVB’s wasn’t direct to market ease, it was a deeper understanding of each and every client. And how to reach more of them more efficiently than the old guard of media and commerce.

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