Issue No. 84: Trends, Failures, and Why ads don’t convert

Last Word: The 2PML Goal

As you may know, I placed a hard stop on the number of issues that I’d send for Two PM Links. Maybe that will change, perhaps it won’t. I set a goal to highlight and discuss the many intersections between ad tech, content, commerce, branding, and data. It is a collective study that, if you are in any form of business, would benefit you. This community has grown quite a bit, well beyond my personal expectation. I try to answer every email, provide value on every consulting call, and take every office hour. I don’t exactly know what the outcome would be but I do know that the people who receive this email (and read it at 40+% rates) are great. I repeat, this community is amazing.

To answer a general inquiry: 2PML is a human-curated letter, it takes a bit of time just to avoid wasting yours. There’s a lot of junk out there, you know? The summaries are chosen carefully; the “last word” is written carefully. The intersection of eCommerce, brand, and media is a passion that many of us share and I’m thankful for those of you who find value in the content that is featured each business day.

Thank you. 

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