Issue No. 76: Teens, One-Clicks, and Acquisitions

Last Word: On Marketing And Behavioral Science


Marketing isn’t a science, as much as we’d like it to be. But it sure can learn from the sciences. With new CRM’s launching each year and new theories emerging, it is easy to attribute blind automation to improved marketing / branding efficiencies but (at least for now) it remains a reach.

I’ve found a great article that does a great job summarizing how the  marketing profession can rely more upon journaled sciences to improve processes and outcomes. Specifically, how to better-understand the behavioral sciences to improve brand interaction and a consumer’s subsequent actions.  Behavioral science is an under appreciated field when it comes to business-based creatives.

When Nike launches ads like [see here], they don’t anticipate that consumers will immediately run to, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or the like. They want you to remember that Nike, the goddess of victory, is worn by victors. And that those victors are admired by common people. And that both victors and us common people share one thing (in this context), the shoes that they wear. And coincidently, this consumer association tends to sell more shoes.

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