Issue No. 69: A break from BREXIT speculation

Last Word: Chart of The Week


Ask venture firms like GGV Capital, and they may suggest that the eCommerce markets- abroad – are the more important investments at this point. Deal volume and deal size have both rise in both countries. For one, geopolitics is an influencer in so much that Amazon and Wal-Mart both face regulatory woes preventing them from capitalizing on reinvestment in foreign countries. Logistics operations are the other shortfall preventing American success in those two countries.

In short, it’s still the wild wild east in India and China, two vast countries ripe for commerce innovations. With investments in China and India peaking, so is the need for eCommerce agencies and platforms and apps to fulfill their needs. This part of the business remains an American advantage and we’ll likely see quite a bit more cross-Pacific collaboration between Chinese or Indian startups and North American facilitators.

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