Issue No. 66: Top 10 dynamic brands, mCommerce trends, the death of banner ads, Slack’s OS

A Last Word: The Lagging and Leading Indicators of Digital and Commerce


If online media would have seen this graph in 2010, would investments in mobile ad tech have been more common (earlier)? In 2016, the iPhone drives over 65% of Apple’s revenue, while the Mac is less than 10%. American consumers use smartphones  to purchase movie tickets, media subscriptions, eBooks, and even apparel. Unless we are working, desktops are no longer necessary to perform our daily tasks.

One of the original theses: the accelerating convergence between media and eCommerce. What we’ve seen? Brands are decreasing influencer advertising spend on non-mobile optimized publishing partners. They are focusing on curating their own, primed communities – through publishing and other means. At the same time, media companies are hedging their existing dependency on dwindling ad tech by pursuing integrated mCommerce and eCommerce solutions.

One of the goals of 2PM Links is to identify these trends earlier. Some companies want to act on them, allowing themselves more opportunity to pioneer these shifts rather than merely responding to them.

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