Issue No. 46: Snapchat, the eCommerce Giant.

A last word: the top 20 job markets

tumblr_o7oy20Qupy1qaujk2o1_1280 recently released data on their top 25 job markets in the U.S. Listed, you will find data on the media base salary and the media home price. I’ve also included a link to the raw data from Glassdoor (see here).

With a heavy emphasis on eCommerce, tech, marketing, and data science, each of the cities represented have a number (20,000 to 170,000) of jobs in their inventory. I’m not one to argue with data but giving San Jose and San Francisco the top two spots seems a bit short-sighted. I’ve graphed why I find that to be the case.

Or if you’d like to read the article / analysis, yourself: CIO’s The Best Cities For Jobs.

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