Issue No. 45: The Effect of The Suburban Mom

A last word: laughing chewbacca lady


The morning of May 19, The Motley Fool wrote a scathing outlook on Kohl’s future. By early evening, Candace Payne’s now famous video began a viral spin to a now 137,000,000 views in four days. Lucky for Kohl’s, it became a de factoadvertisement and it has seemingly pushed the stock price upward (though likely temporarily).

Last February, Kohl’s was the department store sponsor for The Oscar’s. A costly endeavor, the  telecast viewed north of 35M people. Investors have responded favorably to the recent, good fortune of the Kohl’s brand.

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Now, for the sake of a struggling industry, let’s hope that Kohl’s can capitalize by optimizing its supply chain to meet demand. And let’s hope that Candace Payne is accepting offers to become the “Suburban Mom” face of a retail organization that needs more of her joy. Amazon currently has no stock available. This may be the “Tickle Me Elmo” moment of our adulthood.

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