Issue No. 42: Two top brand ads and Google Home v. Alexa



On the same day as the launch of Google Home (above), Stealth startup “Payments AI” gave us a glimpse of contextualized, voice commerce demo on Amazon’s Alexa. In a demo featuring the purchase of a Walker & Co product from, Brian Roemmele handled the purchase process from start to finish without ever touching a wallet, a laptop, or a mobile device.

Additionally, Target’s user rating system was communicated throughout the process, allowing context usually only seen on high end sites hosted on Shopify Plus or any Magento Enterprise platform.

Part 1 of the buying process // Part 2 of the buying process

Artificial intelligence built on smart wallets will monitor and understand user behavior and necessities. With the onset of User Payments Interface (UPI) in eCommerce-advanced India, our current understanding of push/pull features will change. Yes, India is on the cutting edge of eCommerce in many ways.

With AI-based smart wallets, we may see new forms of tokenization, product purchasing alerts, and even voice-based calls for consumer restraint while purchasing products. Remember, banking account-enabled platforms like Alexa and Google Home will know more about your bank account than perhaps, you’d like “your assistant” to understand.

See more of the issue here.

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