Issue No. 25: The Verge, Better Apps, The Future of TV, and ūüćč


When I heard this news, I initially chalked it up to another¬†Uncrate¬†knockoff. And then I reconsidered when I heard that “they were publishing to Facebook.” I thought that¬†maybe¬†that would be a smart spin on distribution for the same reason that publishing on¬†Medium¬†is a smarter option than publishing on your native blog. Distribution on Facebook cannot be beaten.

But when I finally previewed:, it was nothing new. Stories were published on The Verge and then linked to Facebook, much as Uncrate and copycats do today. The system is built to drive traffic to a host site to help bolster visitors to optimize for ad revenue.

The Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel said in a statement:

Circuit Breaker brings the best of old-school blogging together with a sophisticated, aggressive modern platform distribution strategy. We’re going to expand the already huge Verge audience by giving passionate gadget fans tightly-focused coverage of device categories that are poised to change the culture all over again.

But a pioneering move would be to avoid this clickthrough optimization setup altogether, opting to post all content directly to Facebook, giving the direct link to the¬†product’s¬†homepage. Facebook’s algorithm rewards this behavior¬†and¬†when fitted with¬†Impact Radius¬†affiliate links, the new revenue model could provide high-yield, editorial eCommerce sales, directly from Facebook’s powerful News Feed, foregoing ad revenue all together. There should be no middle ground.

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