Issue No. 24: Brand Event Serendipity

A last word: Branding Serendipity


It was finally announced, yesterday, that eCommerce brand¬†Mizzen+Main¬†signed the reigning¬†Cy Young¬†award winner Jake Arrieta. Frankly, the news was drowned out by the unfortunate passing of¬†Prince.¬†But then, serendipity happened. Jake Arrieta closed the gap between he and record holder Nolan Ryan, last night, by pitching his¬†second no hitter¬†in less than one year. It was just what the brand needed to earn a great, first day announcement ROI. This rare coincidence did quite a bit more than yesterday’s editorial placements in magazines like¬†Ad Week.¬†Needless to say, it macked a notable brand event for M+M

I chatted with the brand’s CEO¬†Kevin Lavelle, who left me with this quote:

After inking our partnership in the pre-season, I thought we couldn’t be doing much better with this phenomenal father, husband, and athlete coming off his first Cy Young win. As I flipped from ESPN Game Cast to for their historic look in (well played), my heart was pounding and my palms were sweating despite zero pressure on me! Seeing Jake get his second no hitter in 11 starts, I thought what a perfect day to have our partnership officially launched, but more importantly, how much this incredibly humble, hard working pitcher deserved this extraordinary moment. I’m proud to be working for him and have our brands aligned.

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The serendipity boosted the brand’s Twitter mentions by 11.2x, allowing Mizzen+Main to earn an additional $38,366 in advertising¬†yesterday.

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