Issue No. 19: It’s Time To Optimize For Mobile

The most read link: PureWow is Generating $20M in Revenue on Native Ads

By Nathan McAlone

Harwood says PureWow is closing in on 10 million monthly uniques. That’s a respectable number, but a source familiar with the company’s finances says PureWow is on track to generate a much more impressive $20 million in revenue in 2016 off of those readers, up from about $10 million last year. Campaigns on PureWow, this person says, range from $100,000 up to $2 million depending on how much content PureWow is creating for the advertiser.

And that revenue estimate is based on current revenue, not on any presumed bump in traffic (which has grown 100% year-over-year, according to Harwood).

Let’s put those numbers into perspective.

Millennial women’s site Bustle, which has hit 45 million monthly uniques, generated $10 million in 2015 (and is said to be on track to generate $20 million on 2016). That means PureWow is generating as much revenue as a outlet with 4.5 times its reach, and Harwood says the company has been profitable for several years — with about 30% profit margins.

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