Issue No. 15: Father time, A.I. overload, Audi, and Lyft > Tinder?


In this issue, we touched on AI-based copywriting software. Additionally, this Bot App Store is atop Product Hunt, and unmanned trucks have recently and successfully traversed regulation-ready Europe. Those Scania trucks can platoon by syncing via wi-fi satellite and drafting on one another, saving the shipping companies money on gasoline, human error, and other inefficiencies.

From B2C to B2B, human work is being enhanced by the work of developers are iterating in the world of A.I.-based communications and operations. If you’re ever interested, study the best practices being pursued in India, China, and now-Europe to see how commerce, consumer-facing comms, and customer service will evolve once the U.S. government properly regulates new technology. This will allow companies like Amazon to further implement drone and shipping technologies – effectively increasing the service and operations gaps between their increasingly automated eCommerce experience and everyone else who’s attempting to do the same work with human assets.

See the rest of the issue here.

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